How Can OEM Find New Paths for Upgrading?

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ten data blog15-03-2024

Currently, traditional industry export markets are gradually becoming saturated, and the threshold for exporting high-end products is also increasing. With the rise of international trade protectionism, the export situation has become more challenging.

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While many suggest that OEM should transition to ODM to seek new opportunities, such a transformation requires not only the enhancement of production technology and design capabilities but also brand building and market promotion. Obviously, such a transformation requires significant investment. However, for companies choosing to remain in the global foreign trader field, are there no other options?

As a global foreign trader, possessing strong cost and manufacturing management capabilities, it is crucial to enhance fine-tuned marketing capabilities by leveraging product advantages in the digital age. Firstly, it is necessary to study the overall purchasing behavior of your current customer base.

Through the data analysis capabilities of Tendata, you can examine the overall purchasing behavior of buyers, including the quantity of products purchased globally. For example, if you are one of their suppliers for multiple products, you need to analyze factors such as the overall purchase volume, purchase frequency, supplier sources, and purchase prices to determine their actual purchasing behavior and develop negotiation strategies. Transitioning from supplying single or limited-range products to offering a wider range of products will significantly impact your average customer spending and profit margins.

In addition to managing existing customers, Tendata can also assist global foreign traders in exploring changes in downstream application areas and analyzing the import-export trade market to identify product categories with higher global growth rates, thereby expanding diversified international markets and reducing reliance on specific countries or regions. By increasing efforts to explore emerging markets, global foreign traders can discover new growth opportunities through Tendata and enhance their resilience in the global market.

During the process of transformation and upgrading, Tendata provides robust digital support. Through eight steps including market analysis, customer profiling, lead generation, customer background checks, customized strategies, establishing connections, business negotiations, and customer management, Tendata offers precise digital marketing solutions to global foreign traders, helping them accurately position themselves in the market and discover new opportunities.

About Tendata

Tendata platform is different from the traditional B2B platform of passive waiting for customers: Tendata based on big data, can take the initiative to deeply analyze the customer background, accurately locate the purchasers with transaction records, and can greatly screen and locate the big customers. Tendata iTrader has 180 million global enterprise information, 10 billion data scrolling every day, can quickly and intelligently screen out 121 million executives, decision makers contact information, including email, phone, social media, etc., but also can synchronize the display of the company's yellow pages, product images and web site. At the same time, Tendata provides 17 visualization reports to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate and analyze the market, so that you can quickly find the precise buyers and suppliers you need. (>>>Check out the Tendata website for more details.

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