What Products Did South Africa Import Last Year?

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As one of Africa's largest economies, South Africa possesses abundant resources and diversified market demands, making it a crucial target market for many industries. The primary import products of South Africa include machinery (constituting 21.3% of total imports), mineral fuels and oils (16.9%), chemicals (12.6%), as well as vehicles and aircraft (7.7%). Key trading partners include China, India, and the United States.

In-depth analysis of South Africa's import data enables a better understanding of the market characteristics and opportunities, providing robust support and guidance for business development.

What is the significance of understanding South Africa's import data for foreign trade professionals?

1. Market Analysis: Understanding South Africa's import data facilitates market research and analysis, helping to comprehend the country's market demands and trends. By analyzing the types, quantities, and values of imported products, potential market opportunities can be identified, and effective marketing strategies can be devised. Furthermore, such analysis aids in discovering new business opportunities and expanding into new markets.

2. Finding Foreign Trade Customers: By leveraging South Africa's import data, suitable partners for business needs, such as suppliers, distributors, and agents, can be identified. Insight into South Africa's major importers and distribution channels can assist in selecting appropriate partners.

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What Products Did South Africa Import Last Year?

Information on the top ten imported products in South Africa from last year can often be obtained from various free sources. However, for more specific product information, entering product names into customs data platforms to view the specific HS six-digit/eight-digit codes is necessary.

Let's take a look at the top ten imported products in South Africa from last year:

1. Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products (20.97%, $22.46 Billion)

2. Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers (12.01%, $12.87 Billion)

3. Electrical, electronic equipment (11.51%, $12.33 Billion)

4. Commodities not specified according to kind (8.24%, $8.83 Billion)

5. Vehicles other than railway, tramway (7.81%, $8.37 Billion)

6. Plastics (2.46%, $2.64 Billion)

7. Pharmaceutical products (2.25%, $2.41 Billion)

8. Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus (2.17%, $2.32 Billion)

9. Miscellaneous chemical products (1.82%, $1.95 Billion)

10. Printed books, newspapers, pictures (1.77%, $1.9 Billion)

Is Your Country Trade Friendly to South Africa?

To determine whether your country can trade with South Africa, besides searching for policy information, another straightforward approach is to check whether there are extensive trade records between your country and South Africa. When numerous exporters from your country have significant trade records with South Africa, it indicates profitable opportunities within the industry. Now, let's examine South Africa's top ten trading partners from last year:

1. China (20.78%, $21.91 Billion)

2. United States (8.73%, $9.2 Billion)

3. Germany (8.23%, $8.68 Billion)

4. India (7.09%, $7.47 Billion)

5. United Arab Emirates (3.79%, $4 Billion)

6. Thailand (3.32%, $3.5 Billion)

7. Saudi Arabia (2.94%, $3.1 Billion)

8. Japan (2.57%, $2.71 Billion)

9. Oman (2.43%, $2.56 Billion)

10. Italy (2.29%, $2.41 Billion)

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