Steps to Find Spice Importers in Spain

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ten data blog20-03-2024

In Europe, Spain ranks among the top countries in terms of importing spices and herbs from developing countries: In 2022, over 93% of its imports, amounting to 82,000 tons, originated from developing nations. The annual growth rate of imports from developing countries stands at 3.8%, surpassing imports from within Europe (-0.6%). On average, imports witness a yearly growth of 3.5%.

The most imported product in Spain is dried chili peppers, with an import volume of 61,000 tons in 2022 (growing annually by 4.5%). These are utilized in the production of chili powder. Spain stands as the world's largest producer and processor of chili powder, with its range of dried chili powder derivatives widely employed as colorants and seasonings in food formulations. Alongside the UK and Ireland, Spain also stands as one of the three major saffron markets in Europe. Lastly, Spain is another significant market for cumin in Europe, along with the UK and the Netherlands.

Saffron and chili powder both play crucial roles in Spain's traditional dishes such as paella, seafood rice, and numerous other culturally significant recipes. While cumin is not traditionally used in Spain, it has gained popularity in the southern region of the country. Only 40% of imported cumin is sold in the local market, with the remaining 60% being re-exported. The primary export destinations for Spain's most important spices and herbs (including cumin but predominantly dried chili peppers) are the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

The most significant developing countries supplying Spain include China (54 thousand tons), Peru (8,200 tons), India (4,700 tons), Vietnam (3,600 tons), Brazil (1,700 tons), and Egypt (700 tons).

Spain boasts approximately 110 companies specializing in spice trade and manufacturing. The country's food industry is highly active, with a focus on food, seasoning, and spice formulations.

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Which Companies Are Involved in Spice Trade?

Here are some steps to find spice importers in Spain:

- Log in to your Tendata account and access the dashboard.

- Navigate to the T-Discovery or T-iTrader section: Both features allow you to find spice importers in Spain.

(1) If you choose the T-Discovery feature, simply enter the product name or HS code in the search box to view trade data from the past three years, conduct target market analysis, and origin analysis. Tendata provides three data sources: trade data, business data, and cloud search data, all of which show spice importers in Spain.

spice importers,find spice importers,find spice importers in spain

(2) If you choose the T-iTrader feature, enter the product name or HS code in the search box to view all importers who have traded spices in the past year, along with HS codes, product names, countries of origin, destination countries, weight, quality, prices, etc.

spice importers,find spice importers,find spice importers in spain

- Use filters: Narrow down your search scope according to your needs using available filters. You can filter by importer type, country, time, product category, and other relevant criteria.

- Select suitable spice importers: Based on the spice data provided by Tendata, you can find potential buyers. Conduct customer background checks and choose the right spice importers in Spain based on the purchasing intentions of these potential customers.

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