Bangladesh Sees a Surge in Fruit Imports

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ten data blog27-03-2024

During Ramadan, Bangladesh experiences a significant increase in demand for fruits compared to other times, as believers prefer to break their fast with dates, water, and fruits.

Serazul Islam, Chairman of the Bangladesh Fresh Fruit Distributors Association, stated that the demand for imported fruits remains high from September to January due to a decrease in locally grown fruit supplies.

However, due to high inflation, fruit prices are much higher than in the past. The Consumer Price Index rose by 6.15% in the fiscal year 2022 and by 9.02% in the fiscal year 2023.

The upward trend in prices shows no signs of slowing down: an average increase of 9.67% was recorded in February 2024.

Approximately 40% of Bangladesh's fruit demand is met locally, with the rest coming from imports.

Industry insiders indicate that apples come from South Africa, Brazil, China, and Australia; pomegranates come from India; pears come from Pakistan; sweet oranges come from Egypt; oranges come from China and India, and grapes come from India.

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