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ten data blog07-04-2024

In 2023, the import of fruits and berries to Kazakhstan experienced a slight decline.

Kazakhstan imported a total of 672,400 tons of fruits and berries in 2023, marking a decrease of 0.6% compared to 2022. The total import cost amounted to 415.9 million US dollars.

The primary imports included citrus fruits and oranges, totaling 117,900 tons (a 1.5-fold increase). China emerged as the largest seller of citrus fruits with 68,000 tons (a 2.4-fold increase), followed by Pakistan with 28,100 tons (a 14.7% increase). Citrus imports also originated from Iran (4,400 tons, a 2.9-fold increase), Egypt (3,500 tons, a 1.5% increase), and Argentina (170.3 tons, a 1.6-fold decrease).

Foreign apples were highly favored in Kazakhstan, with imports totaling 97,600 tons (a 7.6% increase). Poland remained the main supplier with 56,000 tons (a 0.4% increase), followed by Uzbekistan (19,700 tons, a 1.5-fold increase), and Azerbaijan (7,200 tons, a 1.8-fold increase).

Kazakhstan imported over 80,000 tons of apricots, peaches, and plums from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China (a 5% decrease).

Grapes saw a significant decrease, totaling 77,400 tons (a 26.7% decrease), sourced from China, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

Banana imports slightly decreased to 75,900 tons (a 12.6% decrease), mainly from Ecuador (72,100 tons, a 2.2% decrease).

Watermelon imports decreased by 11.8% to 41,000 tons, sourced from Uzbekistan, Iran, and Brazil.

Additionally, Kazakhstan imported dates (35,500 tons) from Iran, Israel, and Algeria, pears (34,700 tons) from Poland, China, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and grapefruits and lemons (19,300 tons) from China, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

Berry imports (cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, etc.) increased by 1.5 times to 16,000 tons, mainly from Uzbekistan (8,600 tons, a 9.9% increase) and Kyrgyzstan (3,600 tons, a 5.2-fold increase), with small quantities from Russia and the Netherlands (102.8 tons, a 16.8% increase).

Kiwi imports from Iran, China, and Chile increased by 25% to 10,300 tons.

Avocado imports (394 tons, a 42.4% increase) were supplied by the Netherlands, Peru, and Israel.

Additionally, Kazakhstan imported pineapples (3,800 tons, a 2.3-fold increase) from Costa Rica and China, and mangoes and pomegranates (1,200 tons, a 35.8% increase) from China, Brazil, and Pakistan.

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How to Find Fruit Exporters in Kazakhstan?

Here are some steps to find fruit exporters in Kazakhstan:

· Log in to your Tendata account and access the dashboard.

· Navigate to the T-Discovery or T-iTrader section: Both features can help find fruit exporters in Kazakhstan.

(1)If you choose the T-Discovery feature, simply enter the product name or HS code in the search box to view trade data for the past three years, conduct target market analysis, and origin analysis. Tendata provides three main data sources: trade data, business data, and cloud search data, all of which display fruit exporters from Kazakhstan.

(2)If you opt for the T-iTrader feature, enter the product name or HS code in the search box to view all exporters involved in fruit transactions over the past year, along with HS codes, product names, countries of origin and destination, weight, quality, and price.

· Use filters: Narrow down your search using available filters based on your requirements. Filters can be applied based on exporter type, country, time, product category, and other relevant criteria.

· Select suitable fruit exporters: Based on the fruit data provided by Tendata, identify potential buyers. Conduct customer background checks and choose suitable fruit exporters from Kazakhstan based on the purchasing intentions of these potential customers.

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