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ten data blog17-04-2024

Chicken, a dietary staple enjoyed in various cuisines worldwide, holds a prominent position in global food trade. While spices add zest to dishes, chicken provides sustenance and flavor diversity. Let's explore the main global chicken importers in 2024:

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1. Mexico (28.56%, $2124.95 Million)

Mexico leads the global chicken import market, driven by its growing population and demand for poultry products as a primary protein source.

2. Vietnam (20.61%, $1533.57 Million)

Vietnam emerges as a significant importer of chicken, reflecting its expanding food industry and consumer preference for diverse protein options.

3. Philippines (17.5%, $1302.14 Million)

The Philippines demonstrates a robust appetite for chicken imports, supported by its vibrant culinary scene and reliance on poultry as a dietary staple.

4. Russia (5.6%, $416.89 Million)

Russia plays a notable role in the global chicken import market, driven by increasing demand for protein-rich foods and changing dietary preferences.

5. Peru (4.58%, $340.92 Million)

Peru's importation of chicken reflects its efforts to meet domestic demand and ensure food security amid evolving consumption patterns.

6. Ukraine (3.33%, $247.93 Million)

Ukraine imports chicken to supplement its domestic production, catering to consumer preferences and ensuring a stable supply of poultry products.

7. Uzbekistan (3.14%, $233.57 Million)

Uzbekistan's chicken imports support its food industry, providing consumers with access to a diverse range of poultry products.

8. Turkey (2.92%, $217.52 Million)

Turkey participates in the global chicken import market, complementing its domestic production and addressing fluctuations in demand.

9. Ghana (2.61%, $194.39 Million)

Ghana's chicken imports contribute to its food supply chain, meeting the protein needs of its population and supporting economic growth.

10. India (1.94%, $144.27 Million)

India's chicken imports cater to niche markets and specific consumer preferences, supplementing its domestic poultry industry.

chicken import,chicken importer,global chicken importer

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Examining the top companies importing chicken in 2024 provides insights into the key players driving the global chicken trade:

1. SUKARNE (2.05%, $152.85 Million)

Sukarne emerges as a leading importer of chicken, leveraging its distribution network and market expertise to meet consumer demand.

2. CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN THƯƠNG MẠI HOÀNG CẦU (1.75%, $129.87 Million)

Hoang Cau Trading Joint Stock Company plays a significant role in chicken importation, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.


Miratorg Shopping Mall Company Limited contributes to chicken imports, focusing on efficiency and reliability in its supply chain operations.

4. NESTLE PHILIPPINES INC (1.45%, $107.62 Million)

Nestle Philippines Inc. imports chicken to support its food processing activities, ensuring a stable supply of quality ingredients.

5. AYVI (1.38%, $102.47 Million)

Ayvi imports chicken to meet the needs of its customers, emphasizing product diversity and freshness in its poultry offerings.

6. PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS SUPER (1.36%, $100.81 Million)

Productos Alimenticios Super imports chicken to cater to the demand for protein-rich foods, ensuring food security and consumer satisfaction.

7. IMPORTADORA PRIMEX (1.32%, $97.85 Million)

Importadora Primex participates in chicken importation, focusing on product quality and adherence to international standards.

8. THE PUREFOODS HORMEL COMPANY INC. (1.31%, $97.4 Million)

The Purefoods Hormel Company Inc. imports chicken to support its food manufacturing operations, ensuring product consistency and safety.

9. Công Ty Cổ Phần Thương Mại Dịch Vụ Và Xuất Nhập Khẩu Hải Phòng (1.29%, $96.2 Million)

Hai Phong Trading Services and Import-Export Joint Stock Company import chicken to meet market demand, emphasizing transparency and integrity in its business practices.

10. ТОВ НЕСТЛЕ УКРАЇНА (1.27%, $94.46 Million)

Nestle Ukraine Limited Liability Company imports chicken to meet the needs of its customers, prioritizing quality and sustainability in its supply chain.

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