Where Do Europe Import Cars From?

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ten data blog26-04-2024

The car market in Europe has been one of the important markets in the global car industry, with a large scale and potential. The following are some of the characteristics and trends of the Europe car import market:

· Mature Market: The car market in Europe is a relatively mature market with a wide range of consumer groups and a well-developed car industry. Consumer demand for cars in various countries is relatively stable, and the penetration rate of cars is high.

· Diversified Demand: The demand for cars in the Europe import car market is very diversified, covering various types and brands of cars, including sedans, SUVs, sports cars and luxury cars. Consumers have high demands for car quality, performance, safety and environmental protection, as well as high acceptance of new technologies and intelligent functions.

· Electrification Trend: With increasing environmental awareness and government policy support, the Europe car market is undergoing a transformation towards electrification. More and more automakers are launching electric models and increasing their investment in electric vehicle technology development and production. Some countries and regions have implemented policies to ban the sale of traditional fuel vehicles, promoting the popularity and development of electric vehicles.

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Where Do Europe Import Cars From?

1.Germany(21.87%, $1245921.58 Million)

2.Spain(7.19%, $409794.68 Million)

3.Czechia(7.11%, $405148.06 Million)

4.Belgium(6.13%, $349441.62 Million)

5.France(6%, $341875.49 Million)

6.China(4.97%, $283125.7 Million)

7.Poland(4.29%, $244488.11 Million)

8.Slovakia(4.11%, $234433.94 Million)

9.Italy(3.84%, $218909.13 Million)

10.Netherlands(3.23%, $183806.88 Million)

europe import car,europe car importer,europe car

How to check Europe Import Cars data?

Please log in to Tendata System and click on T-iTrader or T-Discovery function board, you can find companies related to europe car trade in the recent year by company name, product name, product HS code and so on. When you filter further, for example, by clicking on Importers, you can see all europe car importers that have traded with foreign countries in the last year. Tendo offers a variety of filters. On the advanced search filter, you can enter 15 filters such as importer company name, exporter company name, product name or country of origin for the selected time period.


You can use europe import car data to analyze market trends, find quality buyers and suppliers, and monitor competitors' trade activity and their supply chains. Discover the full business potential of your current customers, gain actionable insights about your products, and get the latest updates on important trade from European cars to the rest of the world to tap into the European cars market.

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