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Import and export business is the activity of buying and selling goods or services across national borders and is an important part of international trade. The success of your import/export business depends heavily on find clients and obtaining their precise contact information to initiate your contact with them. The easiest way to obtain import and export data is to purchase market intelligence data containing detailed information such as company names, contact information, supplier information, etc. from a reliable source such as the Tendata Big Data platform. Of course, there are other ways to find clients for your import/export business.

Let us introduce some ways to obtain information on import and export merchants to expand your trade from the following six areas:

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Big Data Platform

A big data platform is a network platform that uses big data technology to collect, organize, analyze and display global import and export trade data, and it is also an important channel to discover and acquire import and export customers. Discovering import and export customers from the big data platform means that by querying and screening the trade data, commercial data, customs data, logistics data and other information on the big data platform, we can conduct market analysis, develop customers, analyze peers, maintain customers, find clients of target markets and target products, as well as their contact information and transactions, so as to take the initiative to contact and develop potential customers.

These data can help foreign trade personnel understand the supply and demand of target markets and products, find potential suppliers and buyers, analyze their transaction records and habits, develop reasonable quotation and marketing strategies, and provide personalized and professional services. With these data, you can accurately obtain basic information and contact information of customers, save time and effort, and improve the efficiency of customer acquisition.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is a marketing method to publish your company or product-related information through social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and interact and communicate with your target customers to gain and enhance their awareness and interest in your company or products. Social media promotion is a very popular source of customers, which can help foreign trade personnel take advantage of the huge number of users and powerful functions of social media platforms to show their brand image and product advantages, attract and acquire target customers. Social media promotion can be carried out by creating or joining relevant social media accounts or groups by yourself, or through some professional social media marketing platforms.

Social media promotion to find clients can take advantage of the diversity and interactivity of social media platforms to publish information in various forms and contents, such as text, pictures, videos, live streaming, etc., to increase their exposure and click-through rate. You can also take advantage of the social and sharing nature of social media platforms to communicate and interact with your target customers in real time, such as comments, likes, private messages, etc., to increase your influence and trust.

B2B Platform

B2B platform refers to the network platform that specializes in providing information publishing, query, matching and trading services for international trade, such as Alibaba, TradeKey, ThomasNet, etc. B2B platform is a very professional and effective source of customers, which can help foreign trade personnel use the massive users and powerful functions of B2B platform to display their company or product information, and match or trade with target customers. B2B platforms can be used by signing up for membership or paid services.

B2B platform to find clients, you can get professional and authoritative foreign trade information, covering multiple countries and regions, multiple industries and products, multiple dimensions and indicators around the world. You can use the foreign B2B platform's secure transaction function to protect your rights and security through the platform's online inquiry, quotation, order, payment and other transaction processes.

Google Marketing Channel

Google marketing channel refers to the channel of online marketing through Google website or its products (such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Trends, etc.). There are several ways to find clients through Google marketing channels, mainly as follows:

  • Entering relevant keywords or phrases on Google search engine, searching and displaying matching pages or information, and finding potential suppliers and buyers by communicating with the contact information or forms provided on the pages or information.

  • Place ads for your own website or products on Google AdWords, and target and push them accurately based on the characteristics and behaviors of your target customers to increase your exposure and click-through rate, and direct customers to your website or page.

  • Monitor and evaluate the traffic, source, conversion, behavior and other data of your own website or ads on Google Analytics tool, and optimize the content and format of your own website or ads based on the data analysis to improve your effectiveness and revenue.

  • Check and compare the search popularity and trends of different keywords or topics on Google Trends tool, and adjust your own products or marketing strategies to capture your customers' needs and preferences based on the popularity and trends.

  • Submitting your web pages to corporate dictionary-like web pages can quickly increase traffic, such as Directory List.

By finding clients through Google marketing channels, you can use the massive information and powerful functions of Google search engine to discover relevant websites or pages of target markets and products, and establish contact and communication with them; you can use the intelligence and analysis of Google advertising services to make precise targeting and pushing according to the characteristics and behaviors of target customers, and guide customers to visit your own website or page; you can use the Google Analytics The professionalism and authority of the tool can be used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your website or advertisement, and optimize the content and form of your website or advertisement based on data analysis; you can use the real-time and forward-looking Google Trends tool to query and compare the search heat and trend of different keywords or topics, and adjust your product or marketing strategy based on the heat and trend.


Exhibition is an event organized by the organizer at a certain time and place, where exhibitors showcase their companies or products, and communicate and negotiate with visitors. By finding clients through exhibitions, you can directly communicate and negotiate with your target customers face-to-face to increase your influence and trust; you can personally experience and understand the information of your target customers' companies or products to increase your knowledge and interest; you can make use of various activities and services provided by exhibitions, such as forums, seminars, matchmaking sessions, etc., to expand your network and resources; you can make use of various offers and opportunities provided by exhibitions and opportunities, such as discounts, giveaways, lotteries, etc., to promote cooperation or transactions between themselves and their target customers.

Enterprise Official Website

The official website of an enterprise is an online platform representing its company or products, which usually contains information about its company or products such as introduction, advantages, cases, qualifications, contact information, etc. People need to: publish information about their company or products on the corporate official website, and optimize the content and form of their website, improve the ranking and traffic of their website, and attract customers' browsing and inquiry.

Set up the online inquiry or message function of your company or products on the official website, and respond to the inquiries or messages from customers in a timely manner, and establish contact and communication with them. Provide free samples or trials of your company or products on the official website, and provide free samples or trials of your company or products to customers, and collect feedback and evaluation from customers. Provide the function of coupons or discounts for your own company or products on the official website of your company, and provide customers with coupons or discounts for your own company or products, and promote cooperation or transactions between customers and yourself.

By finding clients through the corporate website, you can fully display the information of your company or products and establish your brand image and professionalism; you can flexibly adjust the information of your company or products and provide personalized and specialized services according to the needs and feedback of customers; you can effectively collect and manage the information of customers and conduct accurate marketing and follow-up according to the information of customers; you can cost-effectively maintain and update information about one's own company or products, and save time and resources.


Understanding the market trends and customs and logistics in your industry is critical to the success of your import/export business. Of course, after obtaining information through any of the above channels, you also need to be more proactive in following up with your customers and promoting your products through emails, phone calls, E-Mail, SNS, and other methods in order to expand your market.

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