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Tendata iTrader is the most complete Canada Importers Database, searchable anytime, anywhere, and provides you with complete B/L and shipping data from 2021 to the current year.

Current Canada Importers Database data updated to August 2023

From January through August 2023, Canadian imports amounted to $500.81 Million.

In 2023, Canada's top importing partners were the United States ($3.22Billion), the European Union ($503.67Million), China ($396.67Million), Mexico ($185.66Million), and the United Kingdom ($77.84Million).

What data is available in the Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database?

· Over 100,000 transactions between Canadian importers and exporters from other countries, including importer and exporter names and merchant details.

· Complete import and export data for the last three years, so you can quickly find what you're looking for with the listings in the Canada Importers Database.

· One-click search for Canadian Importers to get their contact information (including SNS, phone number, email address, etc.).

· More than a dozen options for sending inquiries to potential Canadian Importer customers quickly and in bulk in the right way.

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How to use Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database?

You can easily search the Canada Importers Database not only by HS Code/Product Name, but also by Country of Origin, Port of Destination, Country of Origin, Destination, and Mode of Transportation for a selected time period. So you can view market analysis, find new customers, and see what's new with your competitors. Tendata iTrader is the easiest way to identify suppliers, reach potential customers, and understand your competitors' supply chains.

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What are the features of the Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database?

1. Analyze your competitors

The transaction history of the Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database allows you to view your competitors' shipments and check which other companies your current customers are working with. Based on the transaction history of the current customer's new partners, you can see what prices are competitively priced for the current customer. Based on the latest offer, you can negotiate with your existing customers to gain more market share.

2. Use the right marketing strategies to gain new business opportunities

Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database provides the opportunity to examine millions of Canada Importers shipment data/details to help you determine the right strategy for your target market. You can see your competitors' new customers based on their transaction history. These customers may also be your potential market.

3. Find qualified suppliers

Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database guides you to qualified suppliers around the world through business records based on real customs data. We provide in-depth analysis of each merchant's information, as well as backtesting capabilities, allowing you to determine if a supplier meets your company's partnership needs through specific import and export records. You can also use data cleansing to find qualified suppliers that best meet your requirements.

4. Easy access to the latest customs data

The world's largest Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database gives you hundreds of thousands of data search and download credits. Compared to other databases that limit searches to a few hundred or a few thousand, you are free to conduct multiple searches and download importer information. If you want to find importers from other countries, we also have over 200 customs data from other countries and regions in the world for you to choose from.

5. Data Visualization

Tendata iTrader Canada Importers Database's data visualization provides you with actionable market analysis, importer analysis, competitor analysis, and other insights in a clear and concise manner. You can quickly complete preliminary market research and move your project forward.

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