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Water buffalo meat is becoming increasingly popular due to its lean meat and rich nutritional qualities. Global consumers are seeking alternatives to traditional meats, leading to a growing demand for water buffalo meat. The global demand for water buffalo meat is on the rise, with India emerging as a key participant in this lucrative market.

India has the highest population of water buffalo and is also the largest producer of milk, producing nearly 57 million tons annually. Leveraging its massive water buffalo population, India has become one of the world's leading exporters of water buffalo meat. From 2022 to 2023, the export volume of water buffalo meat reached 1,175,532 tons, valued at 256.4 billion rupees. The country's export strength is attributed to the quality, pricing, and quantity of the produced water buffalo meat.

Compared to other beef, the quality of water buffalo meat from young buffaloes is superior, as their muscle-to-fat ratio is higher and fat content is lower. In India, the highest quality water buffalo meat is known as "padwa," sourced from buffaloes aged below 24 months. Water buffalo meat is among the healthiest red meats for human consumption due to its lower calorie and cholesterol content. Its cost advantage is nearly 2-3 times that of lamb and goat meat.

Unlike other countries exporting beef, India exports only boneless water buffalo meat, accounting for 43% of the world's water buffalo meat production. Uttar Pradesh, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, are the primary states for water buffalo meat production.

India is the world's fourth-largest exporter of water buffalo meat, and this product is one of the country's highest-earning commodities. The majority of India's exports go to Asian countries, with over 80% going to Asian nations and around 15% to African countries. From 2022 to 2023, Malaysia was the largest buyer of Indian water buffalo meat, importing 192,779 tons, followed by Vietnam with an import of 171,949 tons. In Asia, Vietnam imports 45% of the water buffalo meat exported by India, serving as a transit hub for other countries purchasing water buffalo meat.

When you need to trade with water buffalo meat exporters in India, the quickest way is to use import-export databases like Tendata. It allows you to quickly understand which exporters have been engaged in water buffalo meat exports from India in the past year. Who are the largest water buffalo meat exporters in India? Can these exporters be trusted? When was their most recent water buffalo meat export transaction? Is their export volume increasing or decreasing, and in which month is the export volume the highest? Which countries do they prefer to collaborate with for imports? Tendata not only provides market research but also assists in the development of relationships with water buffalo meat exporters. All the information you need is available on Tendata. Below are examples we provide for you regarding the top ten water buffalo meat exporters in India:

buffalo meat exporters in india,buffalo meat exporters,buffalo meat exporter

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