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ten data blog01-12-2023

According to the latest Tendata Import/Export data, what are the frozen seafood importers in the world in 2023?

1.ALSONS AQUACULTURE CORP.(17.8%, $10.03 Million)

2.LLC BALTKO(8.14%, $4.59 Million)

3.ТОВ АГРОС МОРЕ УКРАЇНА(6.21%, $3.5 Million)

4.CôNG TY TNHH DECOS VIệT NAM(5.62%, $3.17 Million)


6.SOLUCIONES Y PUNTO SA DE CV(3.7%, $2.08 Million)

7.SOLUCIONES Y PUNTO(3.7%, $2.08 Million)

8.OCEAN LEADER(3.67%, $2.07 Million)

9.OCEAN LEADER SA DE CV(3.58%, $2.02 Million)

10.HUA SAN WAN FOODMART INC(2.88%, $1.62 Million)

In 2023, there were a total of 1,515 companies involved in the import trade of frozen seafood, involving $5.63 million.

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According to the latest Tendata Import/Export data, where do global frozen seafood importers import seafood from in 2023?

1.China(57.88%, $32.63 Million)

2.Vietnam(19.93%, $11.23 Million)

3.Russia(9.46%, $5.33 Million)

4.Canada(5.3%, $2.99 Million)

5.Thailand(2.98%, $1.68 Million)

6.Peru(2.35%, $1.32 Million)

7.Japan(0.97%, $0.55 Million)

8.United States(0.3%, $0.17 Million)

9.Lithuania(0.3%, $0.17 Million)

10.Italy(0.24%, $0.14 Million)

These companies are invariably ocean-dependent cities. China is the country that seafood importers work with the most, accounting for 57.88% of global frozen seafood importers. Vietnam and Russia rank second and third in terms of share, respectively.

frozen seafood importers,frozen seafood importer,global frozen seafood importer

According to the latest data from Tendata Import and Export, the HS code for seafood imported by global frozen seafood importers in 2023?

1.16055401(27.94%, $8.01 Million)

2.3061722000(18.02%, $0 Million):Frozen shrimps and prawns, even smoked, whether in shell or not, incl. shrimps and prawns in shell, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water (excluding cold-water shrimps and prawns): frozen : other shrimps and prawns : whiteleg shrimps (litopenaeus van

3.307439900(8.28%, $1.93 Million):Cuttle fish and squid, frozen, with or without shell (excl. "Sepia officinalis, Rossia macrosoma, Sepiola spp., Loligo spp., Ommastrephes spp., Nototodarus spp., Sepioteuthis spp., Illex spp., Todarodes sagittatus")

4.30743(7.42%, $0.55 Million):Cuttle fish and squid, frozen

5.16055999(7.04%, $2.16 Million)

6.28353990(5.62%, $1.47 Million):Polyphosphates, whether or not chemically defined (excl. sodium triphosphate "sodium tripolyphosphate", and inorganic or organic compounds of mercury whether or not chemically defined) : Other

7.16042099000(2.9%, $0 Million):Other prepared and preserved fish: other.

8.30792900000(2.71%, $0.63 Million):Molluscs, nes, whether or not in shell, frozen, other than smoked

9.30617(2.68%, $0.34 Million):Shrimps and prawns, frozen, o/t cold-water, in shell, numbering > 154 per kg

10.30619(262%, $0 Million):Frozen crustaceans, even smoked, fit for human consumption, whether in shell or not, incl. crustaceans in shell, cooked beforehand by steaming or by boiling in water (excl. rock lobster and other sea crawfish, lobsters, crabs, Norway lobsters, shrimps

frozen seafood importers,frozen seafood importer,global frozen seafood importer

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