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Fresh or chilled spinach, an iron-rich leafy vegetable, saw worldwide exports reach US$916.7 million in 2022.

This figure represents a significant 163.7% increase over five years, up from $347.6 million in 2018.

On a year-over-year basis, the value of global spinach exports rose by 13.8%, compared to $805.9 million in 2021.

In 2022, the top five fresh spinach exporters were mainland China, the United States, Italy, Mexico, and Spain. Together, these countries accounted for 91% of global spinach export revenues, highlighting a concentrated group of leading suppliers.

Asian exporters dominated the market, with shipments valued at $449.5 million or nearly half (49%) of the global total. North America was the second-largest exporter at 26.1%, followed by Europe at 24.1%.

Smaller shares came from Oceania (0.2%, mostly Australia), Latin America (0.09%, excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean), and Africa (0.04%).

For reference, the Harmonized Tariff System code for fresh or chilled spinach is 070970.

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Spinach Export Values by Country:

- China: US$442.8 million (48.3% of total spinach exports)

- United States: $134.1 million (14.6%)

- Italy: $102 million (11.1%)

- Mexico: $92.3 million (10.1%)

- Spain: $63.2 million (6.9%)

- Netherlands: $28.2 million (3.1%)

- Canada: $16.8 million (1.8%)

- France: $7.5 million (0.8%)

- Malaysia: $5.3 million (0.6%)

- Germany: $3.2 million (0.4%)

- Poland: $2.54 million (0.3%)

- Denmark: $2.5 million (0.3%)

- Belgium: $2.3 million (0.2%)

- Portugal: $1.94 million (0.2%)

- Sweden: $1.89 million (0.2%)

These 15 countries collectively shipped 98.9% of all exported fresh spinach in 2022.

Among the top exporters, Canada saw the fastest growth since 2021 with an increase of 142.5%, followed by France (up 47.4%), mainland China (up 44.4%), and Denmark (up 19.8%).

In contrast, some major suppliers experienced declines: Portugal (down 41% from 2021), Belgium (down 22.8%), Spain (down 17.7%), Netherlands (down 16.2%), and Germany (down 12.2%).

Spinach Exporting Companies

According to the global trading platform Tendata, notable spinach exporters include companies that supply fresh spinach, frozen chopped spinach, and organic spinach powder. Examples include:

1. CÔNG TY TRÁCH NHIỆM HỮU HẠN VR TRADING (44.22%, $47.2 million)

2. PARKSONS PACKAGING LIMITED (10.68%, $11.4 million)

3. FRIGORIZADOS LA HUERTA (9.04%, $9.65 million)

4. TAYLOR FARMS BAJA CALIFORNIA (6.31%, $6.73 million)

5. COVEMEX (4.36%, $4.65 million)

6. LA ESPERANZA DE MIRANDA (2.98%, $3.18 million)

7. NUTRILITE (2.65%, $2.82 million)

8. EXPORTADORA DE HORTALIZAS (2.6%, $2.77 million)


10. AGRICOLA NUEVA ERA (0.83%, $0.88 million)

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