The Importance of Maintaining Old Customers For Global Import Export Business

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ten data blog21-06-2023

Maintaining old customers means increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of old customers by maintaining good communication and relationship with them and providing quality products and services, thus promoting repeat purchases and referrals from old customers. Using a global import and export data platform for customer maintenance can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase customer stickiness and repurchase rate, and enhance corporate brand image and market share. 

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Maintaining the old customers is global important for global import/export business in the following ways:

  • Increase revenue and profit. 

Maintaining old customers can increase the revenue and profit of global import and export business because old customers usually buy more products or services more frequently, and the cost required to maintain old customers is usually lower than the cost required to acquire new customers. According to statistics, as little as a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's revenue by 25%-95%.

  • Enhance competitiveness and brand reputation. 

Maintaining old customers can enhance the competitiveness and brand reputation of the global import/export business because old customers usually have deeper trust and reliance on the global import/export business and will recommend it to their friends, relatives or peers, thus expanding the influence and visibility of the global import/export business.

  • Promote innovation and improvement. 

Maintaining the original old customers can promote innovation and improvement of global import and export business, because old customers usually provide more feedback and suggestions to global import and export business, thus helping global import and export business understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the needs and expectations of the market and customers, and adjust and optimize accordingly based on this information.

How to use the global import export data platform for customer maintenance:

  • Review industry reports and market dynamics regularly.

Using the global import and export data platform, you can obtain the global import and export data of customers in various countries and regions, including the latest global import and export commodity name, quantity, weight, country of origin, country of destination, trade mode, transportation mode, customs code, etc. By analyzing and organizing these data, you can produce industry reports and market dynamics, reflecting industry trends, market demand, competitive landscape and other information, and providing powerful references for you to follow up with your regular customers.

  • Customized personalized products and services. 

Using the global import/export data platform, you can understand customers' purchasing habits, preferences and needs, including the types, specifications, quantities, prices, quality and sources of purchased goods. By analyzing and comparing these data, personalized products and services can be customized to meet the different needs and expectations of customers and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Carry out effective marketing activities. 

Using the global import/export data platform, you can obtain information about customers' contact information, industry attributes, and geographical distribution. By analyzing and filtering these data, effective marketing activities can be carried out, including sending emails, SMS, and phone calls to push new product information, special offers, and professional knowledge to attract customers' attention and interest and enhance corporate brand image and market share.

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