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"Customs data" is a word that I believe every business person who has contacted foreign trade is not unfamiliar with, in short, it is the import and export transaction data of goods from the customs of all countries in the world, and the information contained therein is authoritative, accurate, comprehensive and timely. Mainly consists of buyers and sellers, commodities, freight and containers, usually includes the name of the commodity, quantity, weight, amount, origin, customs code, and so on.


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01. What Is the Use of Customs Data for Foreign Trade Enterprises?

1. Find potential customers: Customs data can help companies quickly find real buyers with procurement needs, bringing a steady stream of procurement opportunities. Through further analysis can be screened out potential customers in line with the positioning of the enterprise's products, to carry out accurate marketing activities to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition.

2. Market analysis: By analyzing the target market through customs data, the enterprise can understand the current market situation, demand and competition, and screen high-value areas to provide strong support for the enterprise's market development and marketing strategy.

3. Product optimization: through the customs code analysis, enterprises can understand the current market popular product categories and specifications, to provide strong support for the enterprise's product development and improve product competitiveness; can also be through the customer's purchasing records in-depth understanding of the customer's purchasing scale, purchasing cycle, product structure and supplier distribution and other information, so as to understand the customer's purchasing psychology and purchasing needs, and adjust countermeasures in a timely manner.

4. Peer monitoring: Comprehensive understanding of competitors' trade trends, timely adjustment of market strategies to improve competitiveness.

5. Risk control: through customs data, enterprises can understand the credit status and history of importers or exporters to reduce transaction risks.

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02. How to Find Foreign Trade Customers through Customs Data?

As the Internet continues to grow, it is not difficult to find foreign trade customers, how to establish a solid relationship with customers, join the supply chain is the real headache. Customs data can really help us find foreign trade customers, and is a very direct one. Its existence is not so much to provide us with a way to get customers, but to give us a practical analysis tool, build a bridge connecting buyers and sellers, and build a piece of the pedal to reach cooperation. Therefore, the use of data is to better help decision-making, want to successfully find customers need to use the right method. Good Selector Global Intelligent Customer Acquisition System can provide at least the following four ways to find foreign trade customers:

1. Through the product or product code to find foreign trade customers

2. Find foreign trade customers through peers or rivals name

3. Find foreign trade customers at the end through customers' customers

4. Through the multi-dimensional characteristics of the intelligent discovery of more matching foreign trade customers

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Tendata iTrader, a more understanding of your foreign trade big data intelligent marketing platform, provides years of real-time updated customs data of 88+ countries, dynamically records the transaction details of each imported and exported goods, based on big data AI intelligent technology to accurately mine and analyze the real buyers around the world; through the third-party interface cooperation, it is easy to match the purchasing person in charge of the name, identity, position, email, phone, social account in 10 seconds, to meet your search for overseas customers. Through cooperation with third-party interfaces, we can easily match the name, identity, position, email address, phone number and social account of the person in charge of purchasing in 10 seconds, which can satisfy all kinds of needs, such as finding overseas buyers, monitoring competitors, mastering the market trend, and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, and truly realize the core value of big data.

In short, customs data is a very important source of information for foreign trade enterprises. By analyzing customs data, enterprises can understand the market demand, product types and specifications, and find potential customers in line with the positioning of the enterprise's products. At the same time, enterprises can also communicate and interact with overseas customers through a variety of ways to establish good customer relations and improve export efficiency and market competitiveness.

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