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Customs data refers to the bill of lading or customs declaration data of foreign countries, which can accurately show the export records of peers and the procurement records of target customers, and it is one of the necessary tools for the daily work of foreign traders.


01. What is customs data

1. Concept

Customs data is the Customs and Excise Department to perform the function of import and export trade statistics generated by the import and export statistics. The task of customs statistics is to investigate, analyze and supervise the import and export goods and provide statistical services.

2. Contents

· Trade information: buyers (importers), suppliers (exporters)

· Product information: weight, quantity, amount, HS code, HS code description/product description, etc.

· Shipping information: port of origin, port of destination, date, mode of transportation, carrier, country of origin, etc.

3. Customs Code

HS code is the customs code, it is for customs, statistics, import and export management and international trade related parties common use of commodity classification coding system. 6 digits of the first HS code is the international standard code, each country according to the actual situation of their own compilation of 6 digits after the number of digits.

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02. How to use the customs code?

1. Analyze the target market

When a new product has just been launched, or the existing business is not saturated ready to open up new markets, you must want to know which country's demand is greater, more business opportunities.

Through customs data, you can intuitively understand the number of buyers in each country, the number of transactions and the number of imports, and then grasp the country's market demand and market direction, for foreign trade enterprises to provide key information and valuable reference for market decision-making.

2. Insight into industry changes

Foreign trade enterprises can monitor the target country or region through customs data supplier changes. When the industry and the market continues to have new suppliers to join, it means that the industry and the market profits and demand may be large, thus constantly attracting new participants.

However, for enterprises, it also means that the market competition is getting more and more intense, so they should pay attention to timely adjustment of market strategies to put themselves in a favorable position in the competition.

3. Locking competitors

Foreign trade enterprises by continuing to analyze the customs bill of lading in the name of the consignor, you can accurately understand their own industry which counterparts, these counterparts of the supply volume is how much.

Combined with further information query, you can analyze these competitors' enterprise types, business conditions, production scale, know your enemy and know yourself, so as to better understand their own position in the industry and advantages, to facilitate the development of targeted market strategies.

4. Monitoring peer customers

Foreign trade enterprises through the customs data can continue to track and analyze the transaction records of competitors, to master the procurement rules of their buyers.

For example, how long a procurement, how many times a year, how much each procurement volume, and so on, and then do at the right time will be suitable for the product recommended to buyers, to improve the success rate of signing orders, and quickly seize the competitor's market.

5. Consolidate existing customers

Customers may have other suppliers in addition to us, the use of customs data, foreign trade enterprises can track and analyze the transaction records of existing customers to understand the customer in addition to their own enterprises in addition to the source of supply and supply situation.

Through the comparative analysis with these competitors, you can understand their own strengths and weaknesses, so as to find a breakthrough, and further consolidate the cooperative relationship, expand the share of orders.

6. Revitalization of old customers

If the hands of the old customers who have cooperated many times by peers to cut corners, then you can query the customs data to the new supplier and transaction records. This information helps to objectively analyze the reasons for the transfer of customers, to find their own products, prices, communication, delivery and other aspects of the problem, and targeted improvements and adjustments, so as to regain customer recognition, renew orders and cooperation.

7. Develop new customers

The biggest problem of customs data is that it is impossible to get the customer's mailbox. iTrader's "Customs Data" customer acquisition function supports a variety of search methods, supports one-click search for customer mailboxes, and accurately to the boss, management, purchasing and other positions of the contact information.

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How to use Tendata

Tendata iTrader, with 80+ countries' customs data, 198 countries' business data, 130 million buyers' database.Tendata iTrader has 10 billion trade data rolling every day, which can quickly and intelligently screen out 121 million executives and decision-makers' contact information, including email, phone, social media, etc. Tendata iTrader can also provide you with the information you need to make the best use of the customs data.

Tendata iTrader can also synchronize the display of company yellow pages, product images and URLs, while providing 17 visual reports to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate and analyze the market, so that you can quickly find the precise buyers and suppliers you need. (>>> Click to apply for free trial)

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Step 1: Find Your Global Prospects in One Click

Tendata iTrader will 80+ countries customs data + 198 countries and regions business data + 141 countries Internet data, three databases are fully connected, a search, no need to wait, the global target customers 0.01 seconds to present. (>>> Click to find global buyers)

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Step 2: Quickly Analyze Whether They Are Your Target Customers or Not

Tendata iTrader provides in-depth customer information, can help us analyze the details of the buyer, provides a large number of executives' personal contact information, which is very valuable sales information. (>>> Click to analyze your target customers)

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Step 3: Send Emails to Contact Your Potential Customers

Tendata iTrader is an industry-exclusive email marketing sending integration tool, providing professional high-end, internationalized standard templates to improve email open rate. Help you continue to follow up with customers, to avoid customer follow-up is not timely resulting in the loss of customers, and customers to reach a long-term cooperation. (>>>> Send mail to contact customers)

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