What Are The Methods For Import/Export Beginner To Find Customers?

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1. Sitting Business Model: 

Let's consider Alibaba International Station as an example of a passive customer expansion approach. Domestic enterprises update and upload their products, waiting for customer inquiries and transactions. Abundant resources can become a potent tool for thoroughly exploring foreign trade customers, and we should capitalize on this opportunity.

2. Free B2B Platforms: 

Many individuals prefer registering on multiple free B2B platforms, hoping to attract customers by chance. They wait for customers to discover their offerings, send inquiries, and initiate transactions. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of free platforms is not always guaranteed and might not yield optimal results.

3. Google Product Promotion: 

Utilizing Google for product promotion involves identifying websites and pages related to potential customer product demands. This approach allows us to extract customer contact details and engage in communication to foster cooperation. Generally, this approach generates inquiries successfully.

4. Self-Built Website: 

Establishing a dedicated website facilitates more comprehensive enterprise and product promotion, increasing the company's visibility and unlocking numerous business prospects. Professional SEO services should be employed to optimize the website.

5. Short Video Platforms: 

The growing international presence of platforms like TikTok provides an innovative expansion avenue. Reportedly, TikTok has acquired nearly 200 million new global users. Considering this trend could be worthwhile.

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1. Search Engine Outreach: 

Actively scour various foreign search engines to locate potential customers. Sending development letters, specifically tailored to customers, demonstrates initiative. Key search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex should be targeted.

2. Participation in Exhibitions: 

Exhibitions serve as magnets for new customers and offer face-to-face interaction opportunities, establishing trust that online communication cannot replicate. Adequate preparation is vital, including eye-catching exhibition posters, organized product samples, and engaging customer communication. Collecting potential customer information through gifts and samples is an effective approach. Follow-ups with these customers after the exhibition, perhaps via calls, are essential.

3. Social Media Engagement: 

Actively seek customers through platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok. Identify the most appropriate platform based on global popularity.

4. Yellow Pages Exploration: 

Scour the yellow pages of various countries to locate potential customers. Yellow pages contain comprehensive information about foreign buyers, including websites, email addresses, and phone numbers. This method is favored by many in the foreign trade sector.

5. Customs Data Utilization: 

Leveraging customs data from various countries' bill of lading or customs declaration records offers genuine and objective foreign trade insights. These data sets encompass purchaser and supplier details, procurement records, weights, amounts, and freight information, providing valuable insights.

· Analyzing Competitors and Buyer Intentions: Utilize these customs data to analyze competitors' export trends and understand buyer intentions, including preferred partners and urgent procurement needs.

· Contact Information Extraction: Utilize mailbox search software to extract accurate buyer contact details for customer development.

· Collaborate with Foreign Buyer Background Checks: Collaborate with foreign buyers to verify their credentials and build trusting relationships.

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Section One: Acquire Customs Data from 80+ Countries to Find Suitable Buyers

Tendata's Customs Database offers real-time access to customs data covering 80+ countries globally, 42 countries along the Eurasian route, over 10 billion real-time trade records, and a database of 130 million purchasers. This aids you in comprehending global market trade trends and distribution. It allows you to swiftly, accurately, and scientifically target popular countries and emerging markets for your products. >>>Online Consultation

Section Two: Present Trade Details and Directly Connect with Buyers

Customs data is one of the fundamental tools for import export trade professionals to develop clients. From understanding the market to studying competitors and subsequently client development, all of this can be achieved.

Tendata Data Link provides multiple search criteria to thoroughly examine details of each cross-border transaction, including exporters, importers, product categories, trade quantities, trade values, country of origin, carriers, departure ports, and arrival ports. Rapidly acquire batches of purchasers and pinpoint your target customers based on their purchasing quantities, prices, and preferences. By contrasting historical data, swiftly identify genuine purchasers, providing you with precise opportunities for successful transactions.   >>>Click to Get Sample Data Online

Section Three: Professional Market Analysis for Seizing Transaction Opportunities

Which website is best for querying customs data? This is a question that concerns many import export trade enterprises!

Tendata's Customs Data Platform offers nearly 20 types of market analysis reports (>>>Click to Use Data Online for Free), allowing customizable, multidimensional data statistics and visual analysis. This enables you to effortlessly capture the primary export markets and clients of your peers. Through analyzing trade volume and prices within the industry, as well as conducting supply chain analysis on target clients, you can access detailed information on customer bill of lading, competitor insights, and intelligently generate various data analysis reports to highlight your competitive advantages. This empowers you to seize a larger market share.

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