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· What Is the Role of Customs Data

Customs data is the best helper to understand the competitors, understand the buyer's data, and understand the market situation.

1. Quickly find the right buyer

Customs bill of lading is the transaction documents of buyers and sellers, and monthly updates, not only to ensure that the buyer's information is true, accurate and timely, and are currently active buyers; at the same time, through the query and analysis of its transaction records, you can clearly know the buyer's purchasing products and strength, so that you can find the most suitable for their own buyers.

2. Mastering buyers' purchasing pattern

By tracking and analyzing the transaction records of buyers, we can find out the relationship between the number of products, shipment time and replenishment time, and find out the purchasing pattern of buyers. In the best time to recommend the company's products to buyers, increase the success rate of signing orders.

3. Improve the loyalty of existing buyers

By tracking and analyzing the transaction records of existing customers, we can know from which suppliers the customer purchases the same type of products, and find a breakthrough through the comparative analysis of competitors and ourselves to further consolidate customer relationships and enhance customer value. On the other hand, according to the order variations, to grasp the buyer's possible movements, to improve or adjust the existing market strategy to avoid risks.

4. Rescuing customers that have been or are about to be lost

Through the comparative analysis of customer transaction records and competitors, we can find out the concerns of buyers, find out the problems of our own products, delivery, communication, etc., make targeted improvements and adjustments, communicate with buyers better, and regain the recognition of customers.

5. Competitor Monitoring

Through the tracking of buyers' transaction records, to find out other suppliers of similar products and their changes in the transaction, at the same time, you can track competitors' transaction records throughout the process, to master its buyers' information and transaction records, coupled with the analysis of competitors' background and production and business conditions, really know your enemy and know yourself, so that you can flexibly and purposefully adjust your own market strategy, so that you can be in a favorable position in the competition.

6. Receive customers from competitors who have closed down.

Through the tracking of competitors' transaction records, we can grasp their buyer information and purchasing patterns, and can judge the competitor's business situation, once the competitor closes down, we can respond to its customers at the first time to get the maximum benefit.

7. Analysis of product demand in the target market, transaction facts, and early warning.

Take the red wine in the French market as an example. Through the French customs bill of lading database, we can find out all the red wine sellers in the French market, and according to their purchasing volume throughout the year, the total demand for red wine in the French market can be counted; similarly, through the transaction records, we can find out the global suppliers for these sellers and their supply volume, and we can grasp the trading status of red wine in time, so as to grasp the total market demand for red wine products, competitors worldwide, their own proportion, and the total market demand for red wine products, as well as their competitors and their own proportion. The information on the total market demand of red wine products, global competitors, their own proportion, the use of quota, the future direction of the market, possible trade barriers, etc., provides key references for the enterprise's marketing and production capacity expansion decisions.

8. Grasp the fashion trend of target market

Through the tracking of buyers in the target market and their transaction records, we can find out the change of market demand for a certain product from the products purchased by the buyers, and discover the emergence of new products and materials in a timely manner, so that we can grasp the trend of the target market in the first time, synchronize our product development with the international market, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

9. Find buyers and regions with higher profits

Through the mining and analysis of bill of lading data, you can find out the higher profit buyers and export areas for a particular product, reduce the cost of export sales and increase the profit of export sales.

10. Discover potential investment opportunities

Through the tracking and statistical analysis of transaction records, we can find out the change of shipment volume of a certain country or region, discover the precursor of industrial transfer in advance, and make strategic layout one step ahead of others. At the same time, it can be the first time to grasp the new materials, new technologies, new processes, new products, etc. that appear in the trading goods.

· Develop Customers, Quickly and Efficiently Find Potential Real, High-Quality Buyers

Enterprises entering a new market can not find customers, or new products have just been listed, or business volume is not saturated, the need to seek market expansion, Customs Data Trade Intelligence to help enterprises quickly net all the real market is purchasing effective buyer information, and through the provision of a series of data reports to help enterprises accurately understand and assess the real existence of each buyer's purchasing behavior and habits including procurement volume, procurement cycle, procurement frequency, procurement region, etc., so as to lock the most suitable buyers and their own procurement behavior and habits. The analysis of a series of data reports helps enterprises to accurately understand and assess the purchasing behavior and habits of every buyer in the market, including purchasing volume, purchasing cycle, purchasing frequency, purchasing region, etc., so as to lock the most suitable buyers for in-depth trade negotiations with them and improve the chances of business turnover.

Customs data are many are no contact information, then we have to use customs data to develop customers, we need to find customer contact information, customs data is one of the most important role is to obtain a large number of buyers of the company name, the name is basically an accurate name, so know the name of the company, how to find accurate contact information for customers through the company name?

I'll share several ways to use the company name to find customer contact information:

1. Through the Google search engine to search

We enter the company name into the Google search engine, and then find the corresponding customer company's official website, know the official website, and then you can go from the official website to contact the customer, the official website will generally have a reception, there will be mailboxes, telephone and social accounts and so on, you can try to develop and utilize the next, there is a chance of cooperation.

2. The use of social platforms such as Collingwood to develop

We put the customer's company to go inside the collar to search, and then you can see the customer's collar home page, you can find the corresponding customer company information and contact information from the home page, of course, this may require some technical things!

3. Use search software to extract

In fact, we find the customer's company name, company website and collar home page, there is a high probability of just find some of the more superficial mailboxes and other contact information, can not find a more accurate contact, then this time you need to use some of the more powerful tools to recommend a tool I have been using to mine decision makers!

This can be based on the company's website, company name, email domain name and the Collage homepage to capture important contact information, very useful, interested in trying to see, but also can be a free trial.

· There Is There Any Effect of Customs Data

This is a question often asked by customers, and it is also the most considered and practical question whether customers buy customs data. The effect of customs data can be divided into several levels:

1. The authenticity, accuracy, comprehensiveness and exhaustiveness of the data and software and system itself.

This is the customs data company needs to guarantee and responsible for, but also need to verify the customer's own, generally a little into the scale of the company should not be a big problem, do not rule out some individual companies or individuals with some fake data to fool customers.

2. Before the premise of no problem in the data, take the customs data to monitor peers, monitor customers, this is quite direct and convenient.

As long as you enter the name of the peer exporters, you can look at their exports; as long as you enter the name of the customer or intended customer has been done, you can look at their purchases and purchasing habits, etc., to find some opportunities. This can be effective classification, judgment of customers from exhibitions, Alibaba and other channels, so as to improve efficiency.

3. Develop new customers and contact the intended customers.

General rational customers know that the customs data in the customer are real, but contact on the relative need to spend time and effort, so will think that contact the customer and the customer has a reply even if we have the effect of customs data. Because the real business also involves products, prices, certification, funding, personnel, competition and other aspects. Therefore, we will do our best in how to find customer contact information, especially email information, some free information platforms, as well as some supporting measures to help customers contact the intended customers.

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