How to Do Background Check on Customers?

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In the import and export business, investigating the background of import and export customers is an important task. This process is mainly through the collection of customer information, to understand their company situation, industry background, business conditions, etc., in order to better grasp the customer's needs and do a good job of communicating with customers, so as to improve the success rate of import and export business.

customer background,import and export business,analyse customer situation

Import and Export Customers Need to Pay Attention to the Back of the Investigation:

1. the Source of Information Collection

First, we need to pay attention to the source of information. The source of information can be provided by the customers themselves or obtained through other ways. The information provided by the customer may have certain limitations, we need to obtain more comprehensive and accurate information through other ways. Commonly used ways are:

· Customs data: Customs data allows you to understand the customer background the fastest.

· Company's official website and social media: through the client's company's official website and social media to understand its products, services, business model and other information.

· Industry reports and market research: Learn about the industry background, trends and competitive landscape through industry reports and market research.

· Supply chain: Learn about the client's key partners and suppliers through understanding its supply chain system.

· Government agencies and commercial databases: Learn about the customer's registration information, financial status, credit history and other information through government agencies and commercial databases.

2. Accuracy and Reliability of Information

Next, we need to pay attention to the accuracy and reliability of information. The information provided by the customer may be false, exaggerated, hidden, etc. We need to verify the accuracy and reliability of the information through cross-checking and multiple comparisons.

3. Understanding the Customer's Cultural Background

In the import and export business, cross-cultural communication is very important. We need to understand the customer's cultural background, values, business practices, etc., in order to better communicate and cooperate with the customer. For example, when working with some Middle Eastern countries customers, we need to pay attention to religious and cultural differences and respect their beliefs and customs to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

4. Pay Attention to Important Changes

Import and export business is a fast-changing industry, and the customer's situation will constantly change. We need to always pay attention to the changes of our customers and adjust our strategies in time. For example, if the customer's business has undergone significant changes, we need to understand the reasons for and impact of the changes in a timely manner, and adjust their sales strategy according to the changes.

Import and Export Customer Backtracking Use of Tools and Techniques:

1. Use of customs data

Tendata iTrader, which provides a large amount of information on backtesting, contains 10 billion + trade data, 120 million global enterprise data, massive Internet data, just one key operation, can easily help you realize the background investigation of customers.

customer background,import and export business,analyse customer situation

2. Use search engine

Search engine is an important tool for us to collect customer information. Through the search engine you can find the customer's official company website, social media accounts, news reports, forum posts and other information. Among them, Google, Baidu and other search engines are our common search tools.

3. Use of commercial databases

Commercial databases are another important way to collect customer information. There are many commercial databases at home and abroad, such as Enterprise Search, D&B, Bloomberg, etc. These databases provide the customer's company information, financial status, credit history and so on. Through this information, we can understand the customer's creditworthiness and business situation, and better grasp the customer's needs.

4. Use of social media

Social media is an important way to understand customers.

By paying attention to the customer's social media account, we can understand the customer's products, services, market activities and other information. At the same time, social media can also be used as a platform for us to communicate with customers and promote cooperation between the two sides.4, with the help of network tools

Network tools can also help us better understand our customers. For example, WHOIS query can query the customer's domain name registration information, to understand the customer's registered address, registration time and other information; phishing detection tools can detect whether the customer's mailbox is a security risk, to help us protect the customer's information security.


Customer background investigation is an indispensable part of foreign trade business. By collecting information in multiple ways, cross-verifying information, respecting customers' cultural background, and paying attention to customer changes, we can better understand our customers and thus improve the success rate of foreign trade business. At the same time, foreign trade business personnel also need to understand customs tariffs and trade agreements, international logistics and supply chain management, foreign trade contracts and credit guarantee and other related knowledge, so as to better deal with all matters of foreign trade business.

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