How Does an Importer/Exporter Find Contact Information of Potential Customers?

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This article mainly shares as a medium and large companies with decision-making power of the key people, mainly including: President, General Manager, CEO, Founder, Operations Manager, CFO (Chief Financial Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Director, Managing Director, Product Manager, Purchasing, Buyer, senior buyer, sourcing manager/specialist, International Puchuchist, Purchasing manager/specialist, International Purchasing manager/specialist. Managing Director, Product Manager, Purchasing, Buyer, senior buyer, sourcing manager/specialist, International Puchaser, Engineer, import International Puchaser, Engineer, import manger, supply chain, supply chain manager, researcher, merchandiser, etc.

Next, Tendata shares how to find the contact information of the person in charge of purchasing, such as email, phone number, which is an important medium to carry out business marketing. The following is a case study of how to find the contact information of target customers for reference.

find contact information,customers contact information,buyers contact information

How to Find Target Customers?

To simply locate customers, you can utilize various major import-export platforms, social networks, search engines, Google Maps, yellow pages, directories, customs data, trade show websites, associations, political institutions, and related channels to compile your list of potential buyers.

In reality, many import-export salespeople are engaged in a form of "blind searching" for customers. Why is it blind? Most strategies that salespeople encounter involve customers' websites indicating their purchasing or import intentions, and RFQs posted on platforms are seen as the best target customer groups. However, what you see isn't always accurate. Even if they have a purchasing intent, it doesn't necessarily mean they intend to purchase from China. How you approach them has no meaning.

Firstly, it's crucial to clarify what our target customers/buyers are. In simpler terms, it refers to those who have a history of purchasing plans or records, and we only find out after communicating with the purchasing decision-makers. However, finding the person responsible for purchasing isn't our focus today.

The remaining task involves customers who have historically imported products related to our industry from China. The most direct method is to search through customs data. These customers are our primary target. Why? Their main advantages are that once the following issues are addressed, deals can be closed:

1. Differentiating your advantages from your competitors to avoid encroachment.

2. Complementing your product strengths with those of your competitors to fill gaps.

3. Having experience with importing Chinese products, which increases credibility.

4. Easily recognizing the purchased products and confirming their alignment with the official website.

find contact information,customers contact information,buyers contact information

In conclusion, you have to choose between time and money. If your budget allows, you might consider efficient and quick payment methods. If not, you might need to take a slower approach.

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