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CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, refers to the use of information technology and internet technology by businesses to coordinate interactions with customers in sales, marketing, and service. This enhances management practices and provides innovative personalized customer interactions and services.

Businesses use CRM software to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and convert them into loyal clients. So, how does import-export CRM contribute to revenue growth for businesses? Today, Tendata will list the 4 most valuable functions of import-export CRM.

Leads / Opportunity Management It's important to note that leads and opportunities are distinct; opportunities are more likely to convert into actual deals. Leads are primarily for potential customers and come from various sources like trial requests on official websites, business cards from trade shows, and purchased data from other sources. Opportunities, on the other hand, pertain to potential customers who are more valuable after filtering out unqualified leads. Regardless of the type, both are potentially useful and worth collecting, making lead/opportunity management a primary requirement for import-export CRM.

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Lead Management Tendata CRM offers different lead input methods for various business scenarios. Batch imports can be done online using templates, and offline scanning of client business cards enables quick imports. All customer data entered into the system undergoes Tendata's deduplication mechanism and is tagged with a source label. This prevents overlapping business while facilitating traceability of lead sources.

Opportunity Management Effective leads, when followed up, can potentially turn into opportunities. Tendata CRM can assist salespersons in managing customers related to different stages of opportunities using a funnel approach. Sales steps are detailed, including follow-up records, collaborations, and intent products. This empowers salespersons and administrators to understand opportunity dynamics, facilitating analysis of reasons for success or failure.

Customer Management Customers are the core of revenue generation for businesses, and even more importantly, businesses need to leverage import-export CRM to identify target groups for development. Key to this process is accurately characterizing the customer profile and extracting shared traits within this group.

Tendata CRM offers a comprehensive customer management system, categorizing customers based on their lifecycles. Beyond basic information like customer name, industry, location, company size, type, and contact details, additional business-related information such as labels, classification, predictive value, and customer segmentation are linked. Salespersons can tailor searches based on their requirements. Consequently, regardless of the lifecycle phase, salespersons can quickly extract customer characteristics to inform subsequent sales strategies.

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Marketing Management Traditional CRM systems traditionally had limited marketing functions. However, with technological advancements, businesses have more avenues to reach customers, demanding that CRM software expands into the marketing realm.

As a specialized CRM software in the import-export industry, Tendata CRM excels in conventional marketing methods such as Email Marketing (EDM), harnessing its potential through technological means.

Recognizing varying sales skills, Tendata CRM segments its functionalities. Novice salespersons can use system templates for initial contact with target customers, and their emails can be previewed by superiors for added security. Experienced salespersons can independently draft development emails, incorporating products, official websites, landing pages, quotes, and attachments to enhance email open rates and drive conversions.

All outbound emails sent through Tendata CRM are tracked by the system, enabling salespersons to analyze key metrics like delivery rates, open rates, content engagement rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates, providing robust data support for follow-up marketing.

Process Management Process management is critical for the sales function itself, playing a significant role in establishing a sales SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for businesses. Effective process management not only boosts work efficiency but also optimizes resource allocation, resulting in a 1+1>2 effect.

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Tendata CRM links each stage within the business process to form an interconnected chain. Furthermore, Tendata aims to create a visual business collaboration chain to break down data barriers and share collaboration progress. During business operations using Tendata CRM, all project members can monitor project progress and relevant responsible parties. When a process is stalled, the system sends reminders to the respective responsible person, ensuring seamless business flow.

In fact, the functionalities of import-export CRM extend beyond these points. When selecting CRM software, company management should consider their business structure and future strategic directions, choosing an import-export CRM that aligns with their needs and desired functionality modules.

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