How to Choose the Right Customs Data Platform?

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Customs data refers to various import and export statistics data generated by customs in the process of performing import and export trade statistics functions. The customs statistics task is to investigate, analyze, and supervise import and export goods and provide statistical services. Customs regularly releases import and export statistical warning monitoring data. The data can be specific to certain industries or types of goods. Which company is good for customs data?

I. Customs Data

Look at the Coverage of Countries: Some platforms include statistics data from countries where buyers are hardly seen, and these are basically of little use. Pay attention to checking one by one.

For platforms that seem to cover many countries, also consider whether they match your target market.

1. Look at the Update Speed: Some very cheap or even free customs data platforms generally have significantly delayed data. If used for market analysis, timeliness is crucial.

2. Look at the Convenience of Data Retrieval: Can you easily and quickly obtain results, and is it possible to customize searches, etc.?

3. Look at Data Analysis Convenience: Check if the analysis functions are comprehensive and if reports can be exported.

4. Look at Data Export Capability: Note that some customs data platforms may not support data export due to the data source.

5. Look for Keyword Restrictions: At present, this is generally not a restriction.

II. Contact Information 

Customs data itself does not come with contact information, but contact information is essential if the data is used for customer development. Therefore, various data platforms are trying to improve this aspect. How contact information is obtained, where it comes from, what the coverage is, and how accurate it is are all important. It's a good idea to contact 3-5 customers you know or have cooperated with to verify this information.

III. Extended Features 

With more and more functions available, many data platforms have added features like customer management, email marketing, account management, social marketing, etc. Look at how well these features are implemented (some are just added for the sake of it) and consider whether they are necessary. If you are already using other specialized customer management software, you may not need to consider customer management functions, just focus on whether the data can be exported. If you happen to need customer management software, then you should carefully study whether the functions are complete.

IV. User Experience 

This is also very important; whether the operation is convenient will determine the efficiency of subsequent work. If the system is too complicated to operate, it can affect the enthusiasm of business personnel.

V. After-Sales Service Is there local after-sales support, or can they only provide remote service? What is the user reputation regarding after-sales support?

VI. Cost-Effectiveness 

Finally, make a choice based on actual needs.

For market analysis purposes only, you may just need to consider the number of countries covered, update speed, search convenience, and cost.

If you plan to use it for customer development, you should also consider whether the operation is convenient, the quality of contact information, and the completeness of auxiliary functions.

VII. Tendata Customs 

Data Tendata Customs Database provides real-time global customs data covering 90+ countries, 42 countries' Europe-Asia airline route data, 100+ billion real-time trade data, and a database of 1.3 million purchasing buyers. It helps you understand global market trade trends and distribution, allowing you to quickly, accurately, and scientifically target hot-selling countries and emerging markets for your products. >>> Online Consultation

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