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What Is The Use Of Customs Data For Import And Export Companies?

In the era of big data, customs data is increasingly used in the import and export industry. Over the years, numerous importers and exporters have used customs data to quickly develop customers. To put it bluntly, customs data is indeed effective in increasing revenues for import and export companies, and can help them develop large customers. As long as you take the trouble to analyze the data and learn to use the information behind the data, the efficiency of developing customers can be increased by 200%.

What Customs Data Is Available For Free?

Customs data comes from the bill of lading and customs declaration of each country's customs. Most of the customs statistics can be found free of charge on the official website of each country's customs office, which can be used as a reference for understanding the market. Taking China as an example, the customs data of each port in China can be found on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China.

Statistical Items For Imported And Exported Goods Include:

(i) Product name and HS code;

(ii) Quantity and price;

(iii) Operating units;

(iv) Modes of trade;

(v) Mode of transportation;

(vi) The country (region) of origin, country (region) of departure, and domestic destination of imported goods;

(vii) The final destination country (region), the country (region) of arrival, and the origin of goods within the territory of the exported goods;

(viii) Date of import and export;

(ix) Customs categories;

(x) Other information.

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Why Pay For Customs Data When It Is Freely Available?

1. The government makes customs data publicly available, but it is not always up to date. You may be looking at data from two or three months ago. There are even countries that hide their customs data and only publish an overview of the country's overall imports and exports. In this case, you do not get timely business information from this publicly available free data to adjust your import/export strategy in a timely manner. However, if you purchase customs trade data, such as Tendata's data, you can get timely market analysis needed for import and export from these 3-day updated customs data and adjust your strategy in time.

2. These free customs data provide the name of the company, but there is no way to know who is working with each item. After knowing the country to which the order is destined, you have no way of knowing if the company is working with your competitors. Tendata provides a complete view of a company's supply chain to help you understand the specifics of each order from your target company, so you can stay on top of market trends.

3. These free customs data only provide the company name, not the company's contact information. If you find your potential customer from this customs data, it will take extra time to find the company's contact information and then get in touch with them.Tendata provides company contact information lookups so that you can get the contact information for each company and quickly get in touch with your preferred customer.

4. Free customs data is only available in complex tables, and it takes a lot of time for a company's business people to organize this data into usable information. Labor cost is also money. Formal data companies will cooperate with the local customs to purchase first-hand data sources, and then through professional technology to organize and process them into a timely updated online system form. Products with different functions are developed for different import and export companies, as well as logistics, freight forwarders, banks, etc. for different needs of customs data.Tendata's BI system and reporting system allow you to quickly get country reports, product reports, trade records, etc., and perspective import and export information with pie charts, bar charts, bar charts, etc., which is clear at a glance and saves a lot of time and labor costs.

Where Can I Get Customs Data?

Customs trade data can be obtained in several ways:

1. Some North American trade data are available from customs officials or their authorized non-profit services, such as the Customs Information Network (CIN).

2. Partially foreign trade-related training websites or platforms for foreign trade tool development

3. Domestic and international foreign trade big data service companies, such as Tendata

The Role of Customs Data

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In global trade, it is crucial to recognize the significance of customs data. When customs data is effectively aligned with business development, it greatly enhances the volume of global trade operations. Below, Tendata will elucidate three key applications of import and export data:

1. Market Analysis

Analyzing market trends and frontiers involves assessing market demands across different regions and juxtaposing product prices. This facilitates the selection of target markets with high profitability and substantial demand. Simultaneously, by querying customs data, one can gain insights into product market distribution and changing trends, enabling timely adjustments to marketing strategies.

Tendata iTrader provides access to customs data from over 80 countries (>>>Click to GET FREE ACCESS TO CUSTOMS DATA from 80+ Countries<<<), along with business data from 198 countries and over 10 billion trade records. Through multidimensional aggregation and analysis of global market information such as buyers, suppliers, countries of origin, trading cycles, and trade ports, Tendata deeply dissects target markets. This enables the formulation of guiding marketing strategies, product strategies, and competitive strategies. It optimizes production and logistics systems, achieving precision targeting. (>>>Click to GET SAMPLE DATA ONLINE<<<)

customs data,market analysis,customer development,customer acquisition

2. Customer Development

Customer development is a widely used function that involves finding potential high-quality customers through product keywords, HS codes, or filtering based on transaction frequency, scale, traded products, and trade partners. Coupled with contact information, this approach facilitates direct engagement with buyers.

Tendata combines trade data from 208 countries, business data from 198 countries and regions, and internet data from 141 countries to create a comprehensive database. With instantaneous search results, global target customers are presented in 0.01 seconds (>>>Click to Apply for Free Trial Data<<<).

customs data,market analysis,customer development,customer acquisition

3. Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition involves examining changes in customers' trade partners to understand whether they are engaging new suppliers and if there is a need to optimize current approaches. This can also be used to analyze peer-to-peer transactions and understand peer pricing. At times, data can reflect the customer situations of peers, aiding in customer acquisition.

Tendata's in-depth customer information assists in analyzing detailed buyer profiles and provides contact details for numerous high-level executives. This represents invaluable sales material (>>>Click to Apply for Free Trial Data<<<).

Today, Tendata from Shanghai shares the extended value brought by customs data. They eagerly anticipate gradually highlighting the value of utilizing these combinations of customs data in the subsequent data functionality services of global trade Link (>>>Click to Learn More<<<).

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