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In the current business landscape, with increasing competition in domestic market development, many businesses are turning their attention to the limitless opportunities in the import and export market. Shanghai Tendata Tech Co., Ltd. has noticed that "buy global, sell global" trade globalization has become the mainstream trend. However, whether it's a B2B or B2C transaction model, the essence remains focused on developing customers.

The business world is akin to a battlefield, and Shanghai Tendata Tech Co., Ltd. believes that in the foreign trade industry, winning the advantage requires preparation and certainty. To this end, Shanghai Tendata Tech Co., Ltd. utilizes big data and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive overseas marketing solution for foreign trade companies.

Many of us have experienced days of sitting idle in front of the computer without receiving any orders. Instead of passively waiting, being proactive in acquiring customers has become a crucial metric to measure sales performance. However, not every export-import company can boast proactive trade professionals who have grown through accumulated business experience.

The most critical aspect of proactive customer acquisition in import and export is relying on customs data to proactively reach out to customers with specific needs. It's widely known that customs data not only contains relevant information about the parties involved in a transaction and detailed product information but can also help businesses understand the other party's purchasing information. During the inquiry process, in-depth analysis through customer profiling is vital to determine whether the customer is a professional buyer. This step is incredibly important as it effectively prevents resource wastage. Further analysis of the buyers and tracking transaction records helps assess their purchasing power, which is pivotal for finding suitable buyers and tailoring development strategies to meet their actual needs.

After identifying potential buyers, the next step isn't merely sending out relevant information; it's about using customs data to understand your customers' buying habits and learning from past transaction records to gauge demand quantities and shipping times. Understanding whether your customers prioritize product quality or price is crucial for improving conversion rates. Given the significant differences in customs policies from one country to another, e.g., the European Union countries not disclosing detailed bill of lading information, it's essential for foreign trade companies wanting to tap into the Western European market to use reverse lookup methods through countries like Russia and India, which provide both import and export data. This way, you can find quality customers in the EU countries.

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Even with access to this data, it still takes a considerable amount of time to sift through potential customers, and the success rate in this process is not guaranteed. Many foreign trade companies face obstacles on the road to proactive customer acquisition.

Not knowing your customers' real needs, doing a lot of work without achieving results, not being aware of your customers' other suppliers, and not knowing the strength of your competitors can hinder the customer acquisition process. Moreover, not being able to obtain the contact details of key decision-makers poses a challenge.

Shanghai Tendata Tech Co., Ltd.'s platform stands apart from the traditional B2B model, where businesses passively wait for customers. It utilizes big data for proactive and in-depth customer background analysis, accurately locating purchasers with transaction records, and significantly filtering and targeting major customers.

Tendata iTrader boasts data from over 80 countries, internet data from 141 countries, business data from 218 countries, a database of 130 million buyers, and a daily flow of 10 billion data points. It can intelligently and rapidly filter out 1,210,000 executives and decision-makers, complete with contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. It also synchronously displays company yellow pages, product images, and websites. In addition, it offers 17 visualization reports, helping foreign trade companies precisely analyze markets and quickly find the precise purchasers and suppliers they need.

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Step 1: Develop Customers and Quickly Create a List of Matching Customers

Tendata iTrader, with customs data of 91+ countries, business data of 198 countries, internet data of 172 countries, 10+ billion trade data, 120 million in-depth enterprise data and 130 million importers/exporters database, comprehensively grasps the existing importers/exporters and new importers/exporters in the target market, and quickly helps you to develop customers; it also provides a variety of search methods, and you can search by them. Tendata also provides a variety of search methods by product, company name, hs code, etc. Intelligent one-key query to quickly develop a list of matching customer groups. (>>> Click to develop customers)

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Step 2: Analyze Customers And Get Contact Information Of Precise Decision Makers

Tendata iTrader, fast batch access to importers and exporters, according to their purchasing volume price and preferences, for you to locate the target customers, while providing target customer information, covering corporate, executive, financial and industry data, etc., a key to dig deeper into the purchasing, executives and other responsible person email, social media, company website and other information, to create the conditions for you to develop customers! (>>> Click to find contact information of importers and exporters)

customer development,find customers,find buyers,expand customers

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