How to Use the Shanghai Tendata System to Develop High-Quality Import and Export Customers?

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With the increasing competition in the import and export industry, traditional marketing models such as Alibaba and Google are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of import and export businesses. Unlike traditional passive inquiry responses, the marketing model of actively reaching out to develop customers has become a top priority for every import and export company.

Among the various channels for developing import and export customers, import and export customer development software is a relatively effective tool. In the past, only large import and export companies used such software for new customer development and the management of numerous customers. However, now it has become an indispensable software and management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. It uses big data from sources like social data, customs data, and search engine data as a foundation for customer acquisition. This allows import and export businesses to quickly find customers who are suitable for their products based on criteria like product names and company names.

Using import and export customer development software allows businesses to tackle the challenge of customer acquisition from multiple dimensions. It helps enterprises thoroughly explore and accurately target potential customers within the industry. This software provides a more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent system for customer acquisition in the import and export industry, aiming to offer better support for businesses going global.

The Shanghai Tendata import and export customer development system helps businesses proactively acquire customers. It provides multiple channels for import and export companies to easily find precise overseas customers and achieve explosive customer acquisition. Through rapid and systematic new customer development and management, it significantly enhances the operational efficiency of import and export companies.

Shanghai Tendata offers a diverse range of foreign trade application tools that are valuable to foreign trade professionals.

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1. Market Analysis:

Shanghai Tendata provides a multidimensional market analysis perspective that allows you to assess product market conditions from various dimensions, such as trade volume, trade frequency, trade trends, price fluctuations, and more. For example, in the chemical industry, even a slight price fluctuation of $0.1 can be critical. Shanghai Tendata's BI system enables you to quickly track the pricing of competing products, keeping you updated on industry dynamics in real-time.

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2. Competitor Analysis:

By analyzing your industry competitors, you can identify customers you can develop from their customer base. With the Shanghai Tendata system, you can gain an advantage that your competitors can't achieve. You can understand potential customers' trading preferences, trends, and their relationships with other suppliers, which will support your efforts to expand into new markets.

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3. Potential Customer Analysis:

Through Shanghai Tendata's reporting feature, you can view in-depth reports on potential customer companies. After data cleansing, you can quickly determine whether a company is trustworthy and suitable for long-term trade. Using Shanghai Tendata's reports on import and export countries, country of origin, trade trends, and other data, you can perform precise data analysis of the competitive environment and market conditions, actively supporting business decisions.

Shanghai Tendata has access to customs data from 87 countries, business data from 218 countries, a database of 130 million purchasers, and 100 billion data entries rolling in every day. It can intelligently and rapidly filter out contact information for 1,210,000 executives and decision-makers, including email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, etc. It can also simultaneously display company directories, product images, and website URLs, making it easy for you to contact potential customers and simplify the development of new foreign trade customers.

Import and export customer development software offers many surprises and features waiting for importers and exporters to experience. After all this, you may wonder how to obtain a free trial of this software.

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Proactive marketing involves sales personnel actively seeking out customers, consistently following up, and vigorously promoting products or services. It demands higher levels of professional skills and improved communication abilities from salespeople, as well as targeted efforts in customer and market development. By leveraging their subjective initiative, individuals can maximize their potential in customer acquisition.

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1. Discover Target Customers

One-click global search enables real-time identification of active customers worldwide, flexible screening of potential Import and Export customers, enhancing efficiency, and cost savings. Tendata's Business Intelligence Discovery utilizes a one-click search that simultaneously accesses three major databases: trade, commercial, and cloud search. No waiting required; global customers are presented in just 0.01 seconds. Exclusive discovery of Importers and Exporters' specific customers, real-time identification of the latest and most active global prospects, and seizing industry opportunities. (>>>Click to Inquire for Free Demo<<<)

2. Monitor Customer and Competitor Dynamics

Tendata T-Rader can monitor new and existing customers from any channel, intelligently pushing business opportunity information, and providing real-time insights into customer dynamics. (>>>Click to Learn More<<<)

3. Analyze Buyer Details

Tendata's data, through market analysis, origin analysis, supplier analysis, and peer analysis, empowers you to strategize effectively. With over 10 billion trade data points, it precisely analyzes global import and export trade information details, such as country distribution, origin analysis, purchasing trends and details, and enterprise information analysis. Accurate data analysis of competitive environments and market situations actively supports business decisions! (>>>Click to Analyze Your Buyers<<<)

Tendata places customers at the center, emphasizing products and services while prioritizing customer experiences! From early-stage Import and Export market research to final order acquisition, Tendata is always present for any stage you need. (>>>Visit the Shanghai Tendata official website for more details<<<)

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