Trade Shows vs. Import and Export Data for Customer Acquisition

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ten data blog19-10-2023

There are many methods for developing import and export customers, including trade shows, emails, referrals from friends, among others. With the development of the internet, even more methods have become available, such as Google, social media, video, B2B platforms, and more.

Today, I'd like to compare trade show customer acquisition to import and export data customer acquisition. Many outsourcing companies avoid discussing these two methods because typical outsourcing company products do not cover these aspects.

However, it's important to know that both of these methods are effective, often resulting in precise and high-conversion import and export customers. For example, the business cards you collect at a trade show are often more valuable than the results you get from advertising on Alibaba's international site.

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Trade Show Customer Acquisition

In addition to some online promotions, offline promotions are also necessary. For instance, participating in industry trade shows provides excellent opportunities to secure import and export orders. Whether it's domestic or international trade shows, you can start by choosing those that are relevant to vertical categories.

Cost: For a team of four, a three-day trade show can cost anywhere between $8,965 and $45,131.

For smaller companies, these expenses associated with offline trade shows can be quite costly. So, how can small factories and companies secure foreign trade orders at a lower cost?

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Import and Export Data Customer Acquisition

In addition to trade shows, we can also use import and export data for customer development.

To be frank, import and export data is like a treasure trove for customer development. With enough time and effort, you can find customers effectively.

Using platforms like Tendata Shanghai, you can independently develop customers without waiting passively for inquiries or spending a fortune on overseas trade shows. You can find customers and receive orders directly through professional import and export customer development systems like Tendata Shanghai, without spending a penny, resolving multiple platform promotion and order-receiving issues.

Due to regulatory reasons in different countries, all service providers currently have data based on countries such as North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. By utilizing big data analysis and studying user needs, these providers have cleaned, categorized, and consolidated data from billions of original trade bills in multiple scenarios, helping users improve the efficiency of customer development and maintenance.

Tendata Shanghai's import and export data service is based on trade data from 87 countries, allowing you to intuitively understand information about buyers, suppliers, trade dates, products, frequency, quantities, and prices in different regions.

For example, taking the product name "Light" as an example, you can use Tendata Shanghai to see information like importers, exporters, market trend analysis, country/region analysis, origin port analysis, and destination port analysis for trade data. (>>>Click to Learn More)

find customers,find clients,customer acquisition

For businesses, Tendata Shanghai's user profiling feature not only effectively enhances the efficiency of enterprise employees but also serves as a crucial means for businesses to understand their customers and find entry points to maintain customer relationships. This includes metrics like purchase quantity, amount, purchase time frame, recent purchases, past partners, and the existence of fixed supply and demand relationships. This allows businesses to selectively target suitable customers and gain clarity about their own strengths and weaknesses, instilling confidence when contacting customers and making transactions easier. (>>>Click to Analyze Your Buyers)

find customers,find clients,customer acquisition

Moreover, businesses can further dig deeper into the decision-makers' information and contact details through Tendata Shanghai, including all corporate email addresses and LinkedIn member email addresses, helping businesses diversify their contact methods and efficiently convert potential customers through various channels. (>>>Click to Consult for a Free Trial)

find customers,find clients,customer acquisition

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