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In the complex web of global trade, customs data is a fundamental subject for international trade practitioners. It serves as a crucial gateway to international markets, providing invaluable information to businesses, helping them save time, and improving their success rate. Tendata Customs Data Company proudly offers various data functionalities, serving as the key to accessing the world of customs data, whether you're a newcomer to international trade or an experienced professional.

Customs Data: A Must-Have for International Trade Novices

For newcomers to international trade, customs data is a powerful tool. It's not only straightforward and easy to grasp but also enables quick access to a wealth of information about foreign buyers. By simply entering product keywords or HS codes, you can instantly obtain information about potential customers. This eliminates the need for labor-intensive searches and filters. Furthermore, customs data is highly accurate as it is based on real transaction records. This means that the results you get are prospective clients with genuine needs. With some effort, these prospects can easily convert into your customers.

Leveraging Customs Data

Customs data is more than just a tool for finding potential customers; it's a valuable resource for in-depth analysis. By logging into the Tendata platform, you can analyze buyers' purchasing volumes, buying cycles, product specifications, and more, to determine if they align with your supply capabilities. Concentrating on buyers who match your offerings can save you time and boost your success rate.

When you log into the Tendata platform, you'll have access to contact details for companies that have already been verified by Tendata. Tendata performs advance verification of email addresses, saving you the hassle of repetitive checks. You'll gain direct access to companies' contact information on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as contact person details and deeper insights into the businesses.

Monitoring Competitors

Logging into the Tendata platform also grants you access to customs data that allows you to monitor your competitors. You can view import and export data for competitors in your industry. This valuable information enables you to keep a close eye on your rivals. Each year, some foreign trade companies or factories close their doors, presenting an opportunity for you to capture their clientele and achieve a high success rate. Additionally, you can utilize Tendata's customs data to explore new markets.

Discovering New Markets

Logging into the Tendata platform empowers you to discover new markets. You can query which countries have a significant import volume for your products. This data helps you make informed decisions about entering new markets. When you decide to expand into a new market, you'll be starting from scratch, and that's where customs data can help. It quickly provides you with a list of potential buyers in the new market, offering robust support for your business expansion.

Why Choose Tendata Customs Data Company?

Tendata Customs Data Company understands the pivotal role of customs data in the world of international trade. Logging into the Tendata platform, you'll find an abundant resource of customs data to help international trade practitioners locate potential customers and market opportunities rapidly. Whether you're a newcomer to international trade or a seasoned professional, logging into the Tendata platform saves you time and enhances your success rate, making us your trusted partner in global trade.

The criteria for businesses to develop clients can be measured from the following data dimensions: purchase volume, profit margin, payment terms, product style and quality alignment, long-term purchasing stability, loyalty, purchasing potential, communicative guidance intensity, local brand influence, risk resilience, corporate credit rating, and more. Gathering sufficient high-quality customer data and creating accurate customer "profiles" have become the undisputed choice to shift from a passive to an active approach in client development. (>>>Click to Apply for a Free Trial<<<)

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With a precise customer "profile" in place, the next step is to proactively analyze and identify their needs. Developing clients can adhere to the "5W+1H" principle: What (what does the customer want to purchase), Why (why do they want to make the purchase), When (when do they plan to make the purchase), Where (from where do they intend to purchase), Who (who makes the final purchasing decision), and How much (what is the budget for the purchase). By addressing these six points with corresponding questions and gradually progressing in the communication process, you can then formulate market and pricing strategies, minimizing decision errors. (>>>Click to Apply for a Free Trial<<<)

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