Acquire Customers in International Trade: Challenges and Trends

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ten data blog07-11-2023

Even as the global trade industry is accelerating due to the impact of the pandemic, it faces increasingly complex challenges. Online traffic booms have tapered off, customer acquisition costs have risen, and traditional sales methods have been disrupted. In this environment, suppliers must overcome these obstacles to acquire customers accurately and break free from growth hurdles.

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I. Where Do Suppliers Struggle to Acquire Customers?

· Diverse Customer Base Hinders Prospecting

With diverse needs across different regions, scales, and industries, suppliers find it challenging to locate potential customers. The unpredictability of trade shows due to pandemic disruptions further compounds the problem.

· Low Brand Visibility Impacts Trust

In a mature cross-border e-commerce landscape, different sectors have established players. Suppliers with lower brand visibility face hesitation from potential buyers, which may lead to missed opportunities.

· Limited Customer Acquisition Channels with High Costs

Existing customer acquisition channels for suppliers come with soaring costs. For instance, search engine advertising has become unsustainable for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Pre-signing activities, such as business and sales personnel engagement, add to the high upfront costs.

II. How Tendata Data Solutions Facilitate Precise Customer Acquisition in International Trade

In the modern era of international trade, proactive customer engagement is key. Tendata distinguishes itself from traditional B2B platforms with a data-driven approach to customer acquisition. Utilizing big data, Tendata offers an in-depth analysis of customer backgrounds, enabling precise targeting of buyers with transaction records and substantial trade potential.

· Big Data-Driven Approach

Tendata leverages data from over 80 countries' customs, 141 countries' internet sources, and commercial data from 198 countries. With a database of 130 million buyers, it sifts through 10 billion daily data points to identify contact information, including emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles. This platform also provides visual reports for market analysis.

· Accurate Targeting and Filtering

Tendata assists international trade businesses in pinpointing and analyzing markets precisely. It allows suppliers to quickly identify high-potential buyers and suppliers by offering insights into decision-makers' contact details and other relevant information.

· Competitive Edge

Tendata's data solutions empower suppliers with the necessary information to build trust and confidence with potential customers. This increased transparency and information enable suppliers to compete effectively in the international trade landscape.


In the evolving landscape of international trade, acquiring customers has become more challenging due to diverse customer bases, low brand visibility, and increasing costs. However, data-driven solutions like Tendata offer a lifeline to suppliers, helping them accurately target and acquire customers. By utilizing big data, suppliers can mitigate these challenges, ultimately boosting their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Step 1: Develop Customers and Quickly Create a List of Matching Customers

Tendata iTrader, with customs data of 91+ countries, business data of 198 countries, internet data of 172 countries, 10+ billion trade data, 120 million in-depth enterprise data and 130 million importers/exporters database, comprehensively grasps the existing importers/exporters and new importers/exporters in the target market, and quickly helps you to develop customers; it also provides a variety of search methods, and you can search by them. Tendata also provides a variety of search methods by product, company name, hs code, etc. Intelligent one-key query to quickly develop a list of matching customer groups. (>>> Click to develop customers)

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Step 2: Analyze Customers And Get Contact Information Of Precise Decision Makers

Tendata iTrader, fast batch access to importers and exporters, according to their purchasing volume price and preferences, for you to locate the target customers, while providing target customer information, covering corporate, executive, financial and industry data, etc., a key to dig deeper into the purchasing, executives and other responsible person email, social media, company website and other information, to create the conditions for you to develop customers! (>>> Click to find contact information of importers and exporters)

customer development,find customers,find buyers,expand customers

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