Have You Solved All The Following Challenges For Finding Foreign Customers?

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Looking for overseas customers, is the road of foreign trade. Foreign trade customer road, the most important thing is not that you find customers, but how you find customers, like whether it is "fish" important or "how to catch fish" important? Because the results are dead, and the method is alive, through the improvement of the method to obtain more customer resources. Many people are "pseudo-customer acquisition", think a day sitting in front of the computer from Google search to find one or two good buyer contact information is customer acquisition." One of the manifestations of "pseudo-customer acquisition" is low efficiency. What happens when efficiency is low? Does it have a big impact? Let me tell you the story of the wheel.

The wheel has a history of about 5000 years, the earliest wheel is still only used in making pottery wheel, completely did not think about the development of transportation. Later, people found that the wheel on the ground when rolling, can be very good to save power, thus the wheel is used to the present. After later calculations, the difference between having a wheel and not having a wheel is the difference of a 20-fold increase in efficiency. At that time, a horse was used for long-distance transportation, the limit of the load was about 90 kilograms, while with the wheel, the long-term load of a horse reached 1.8 tons. It seems to appear that the presence of the wheel simply increased the efficiency of transportation? The Inca Empire in South America, which had an army of more than 100,000 at the time, and the Spaniards just a few hundred, eventually managed to become a victorious nation with fewer enemies. Why? One of the reasons is that the Inca Empire between the tribes because of the transportation blockade, can not communicate in time, not to mention timely support, and the Spaniards will win the war by virtue of efficient combat efficiency. The use of the wheel can improve communication between people and the ability to organize, speed up the transmission of information, a small wheel can be involved in the survival of a country, which is the efficiency of the deep impact behind.

Foreign trade to find customers in fact much the same, are leaving the efficiency of the addition. The following several customer acquisition challenges will drag down the efficiency, which ones are you in?

1. Do not know the customer acquisition channels, lack of information sources, looking for customers do not know where to start.

2. Not much customer data, customer acquisition technology is difficult, manual operation is time-consuming, a day down to find a few effective customers.

3. Not accurate, the target customer often does not match, the contact information is sales calls rather than purchasing.

4. Search for customers with complex methods, no scientific Internet tools, from Google to jump to multiple platforms, open the interface than the number of customers, learning costs are high.

5. Access to a single customer contact information, such as only know the mailbox, once the customer mailbox can not be used, you can no longer contact the customer.

6. After collecting customers did not timely organize the hierarchy, not divided into labels, the next marketing can not remember the customer has not contacted.

7. There is no mass mailing tool, can not be located mass mailing, manually send a limited number, even if you can mass mailing, but often blocked by the platform. Mailbox did not verify the validity, a lot of mail resources are wasted.

"If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." 

With good import export tools, you can make global importers and exporters twice as much with half the effort, equivalent to give yourself a pair of wings. When others are walking when you are running, others are running when you already have wings. 

Whether you are conducting market analysis or looking for new customers, you can use Tendata iTrader to help you quickly improve efficiency. In Tendata iTrader, simply search by product name or HS code, omitting the complicated search process, and then you can get the potential customers related to the search criteria. Search results include company name, executive contact numbers, email, social media and other contact information, allowing you to quickly reach out to potential customers. (>>> Click for Other Details)


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