Using Customs Data to Find Foreign Trade Customers

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ten data blog01-12-2023

Many people wonder, how can customs data be effectively utilized? Is buying customs data a waste of money? Most people use customs data to explore markets by directly searching for customers based on products. However, think about it – can a method that even beginners use effectively? Finding contact information and sending bulk unsolicited emails not only wastes time in sending development letters but also yields few customers. It's not that customs data is useless; it's just that the method being used is incorrect.

So, here's the correct approach to using customs data:

Firstly, analyze customer purchasing records to understand their buying psychology and needs. Determine the purchase quantity, buying cycle, price, supplier distribution, purchasing efficiency, and whether the products the customer needs match with yours.

Secondly, combine customs data with Google searches, and also utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Target your efforts and focus on key customers, especially larger ones that can significantly increase your order volume. Small customers can only be a bonus.

Thirdly, use customs data to analyze customer backgrounds, distinguishing between large and small customers, A-class and VIP customers. Classify customers, manage them meticulously, and gain their trust. Gradually nurture small customers into larger ones. When customs data is used correctly, it can undoubtedly bring about a significantly more effective development outcome. Remember, it's not that customs data is useless, but rather that the method of utilization needs correction.

The Import Export Database is of great assistance in customer acquisition: its software typically allows for precise targeting of specific regions, selection of industry keywords, and bulk acquisition of customer contact information. Because nowadays, not all precise global buyers attend exhibitions, use B2B platforms, or even have their own websites, making it difficult for search engines to find them. To find them and establish contact for securing orders, we need to use methods that can accurately develop customers. Therefore, when purchasing Import Export Database software, it's crucial to understand how this particular Import Export Database develops overseas clients and to choose an Import Export Database that can accurately pinpoint product requirements and acquire customer contact information in bulk.

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The Tendata iTrader Import Export Database yields good results. Tendata iTrader is an online marketing tool that enables the search for premium import and export companies in 200 countries worldwide, with precise and reliable data. Its functionalities include: precise global import and export company searches, locating decision-makers' contact information, in-depth data exploration, checking customs trade alerts, and conducting mass email campaigns.

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