How Do Foreign Traders on Alibaba Screen Precise Customers? Utilize Customs Data!

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ten data blog26-03-2024

In today's business world, with the booming development of e-commerce, more and more companies are relying on online platforms to find partners, purchase goods, or seek services. For foreign trade enterprises that rely on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba International to receive inquiries, receiving a large number of inquiries every day has become commonplace. However, how to select the most suitable ones from the numerous inquiries is one of the challenges that many enterprises face.

Imagine receiving ten inquiries in a day. However, only one of them may truly suit your business, while the others may be from small intermediaries comparing prices. In such cases, allocating equal time to these ten inquiries is obviously a waste of resources. At this point, if there is a way to conduct background checks on each company before connecting, to determine which company is the most compatible with you, and then allocate most of the connection time to this company, while skipping the other inquiries, it would be so much more efficient!

Fortunately, the Import Export Data provided by Tendata can help you achieve this goal. With Import Export Data, you can not only conduct customer background checks on Tendata but also determine the quality of inquiries, helping you better understand the credit, business situation, and reputation of potential partners, and identifying precise customers.

Through Tendata's Import Export Data, you can conduct background checks on each company before connecting. By analyzing the company's real trade data, Tendata can provide you with a comprehensive customer profile, helping you more accurately evaluate the reliability and cooperation value of potential partners. This way, you can allocate most of the connection time to the most promising customers, while choosing to skip other inquiries, thereby greatly improving work efficiency and transaction probability.

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In the past, it was difficult to judge the quality of inquiries on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, and companies often needed to spend a lot of time and effort to screen and connect with potential customers, with a less than satisfactory transaction rate. However, with tools like Tendata's Import Export Data, companies can more scientifically manage inquiries, improve connection efficiency, reduce resource waste, and achieve better business development and economic benefits.

In conclusion, with the emergence of Import Export Data tools like Tendata, companies no longer feel helpless when faced with a large number of inquiries, but can use scientific data analysis and customer background checks to select partners more accurately, thereby improving work efficiency and transaction probability, injecting new vitality into the development of enterprises.

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