How Much Does Tendata Import Export Database Cost per Year?

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ten data blog03-04-2024

Have you already inquired about the prices of other import export database providers and want to compare them with Tendata's import export database? 

So, how much does Tendata's import export database cost for a year?

To compare the prices of import export database providers, you can follow these steps:

1. Determine your needs and budget: First, clarify the type and scope of import export database you need and establish your budget. When you want to understand the trade situation with a single country, and only require import export database for that particular country, the price offered by import export database providers for data of a single country will certainly differ from the price of a global import export database. Different providers may offer different types and scopes of data, and prices will vary accordingly. For example, some import export database providers may claim to provide import export database for Indonesia, but in reality, the data they provide for Indonesian imports and exports hasn't been updated since 2017. In contrast, Tendata indicates the ability to provide comprehensive import export databases for 93 countries, with real-time updates available, ranging from updates every three days to once a month, ensuring you have access to the latest market dynamics.

2. Research the market: Search and study import export database providers in the market. Understand the services provided by each company, data quality, coverage, update frequency, and customer support. For example, some import export database providers claim to offer data for Indonesia but provide data for the entire Asia region. In such cases, the pricing may fluctuate significantly compared to the specific import export database for Indonesia provided by Tendata.

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3. Compare prices: Collect pricing information from multiple import export database providers, including their subscription plans, service fees, and possible additional charges. Make sure to consider all costs to facilitate comprehensive comparison.

4. Evaluate value for money: Consider not only the price but also the performance of the service, data accuracy, and completeness. Evaluate the data quality and service level provided by each provider to determine the most suitable one for your needs.

5. Communicate with import export database providers: If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact import export database providers directly. Their sales teams can often provide customized solutions and answer any questions regarding pricing and services.

6. Consider customer feedback: Check the reviews and feedback from other customers to understand their satisfaction level and user experience with the import export database provider. This can help you make a more comprehensive assessment of the value for money offered by each provider.

7. Select the best import export database provider: Based on the above factors, choose the import export database provider that best fits your needs and budget.

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