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A customs data SAAS platform refers to a platform that provides customs data services in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This type of platform integrates, processes, and presents customs data, providing access to users via cloud-based services. Users can subscribe to corresponding service packages as needed and pay based on usage or time.

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Tendata combines customs data with the SaaS platform, offering the following advantages:

· Real-time data updates: Tendata customs data is promptly updated to reflect the latest developments in international trade. Through the SaaS model, the Tendata customs data platform can achieve real-time updates, eliminating concerns about outdated data. Tendata customs data is updated at least every three days, offering significant real-time advantages compared to peers, ensuring access to the latest customs data.

· Flexible access: The Tendata customs data SaaS platform allows users to access data anytime, anywhere via the internet, without relying on specific hardware or software environments, enhancing data accessibility and availability. As long as there is internet access, Tendata customs data can be used, providing great convenience.

· Customized services: The Tendata customs data SaaS platform offers various subscription packages, allowing users to choose and adjust packages according to their needs. Users can purchase packages tailored to their needs, including single-country, multi-country, single HS code, single industry, single product, etc., matching their requirements.

· Data security: The Tendata customs data SaaS platform ensures high security and privacy protection, safeguarding user data. Tendata does not track users' search results, ensuring data security.

· Easy integration: The Tendata customs data SaaS platform can be integrated with other software and systems, providing users with more comprehensive solutions. Currently, Tendata is integrated with CRM systems, offering customer management solutions for foreign trade professionals.

In summary, the Tendata customs data SaaS platform combines the SaaS model with customs data services, offering users an efficient, flexible, and reliable way to access and manage customs data.

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Tendata provides the following types of customs data:

1. Trade Data

Tendata offers over 10 billion trade records covering 218 countries and regions, accumulating detailed transaction details from over 2 billion trade transactions. This enables precise analysis of the distribution of global target import and export countries, details of import and export customs districts, and the market environment of target countries.

2. Business Data

Tendata's business data covers 198 countries and includes commercial databases for over 230 industries, with data on more than 210 million companies. It covers various aspects of enterprise operations, financial information, competitors, and senior executives. This finely detailed data facilitates in-depth evaluation of the true strength of target customers and expands potential customer base.

3. Cloud Search Data

Tendata's data covers 172 countries and includes contact information for over 700 million companies. In addition to basic information such as company names, official website links, product images, and contact persons, it also integrates information from platforms like LinkedIn and social media, helping foreign trade enterprises gain a panoramic understanding of customers and the market. Furthermore, real-time updated data enables companies to stay informed about market changes and respond promptly.

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trade data,business data,customs data

trade data,business data,customs data

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