How to Further Utilize the Canton Fair Buyer Directory to Develop Customers?

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The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair), abbreviated as Canton Fair, is the largest, highest-level, longest-standing, most comprehensive international trade event in China, showcasing a wide range of products and generating the highest transaction volume. The Canton Fair attracts buyers and suppliers from around the world, providing exhibitors with the opportunity to connect with potential customers from different countries and regions. Through the Canton Fair, businesses can identify potential customers that meet their product and service needs.

With so many buyers gathered at the Canton Fair, it's essential to efficiently utilize the exhibitor list obtained from various free channels. How can you effectively turn global buyers into your customers and expand your international market?

Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform can provide solutions for your foreign trade business!

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1. Customer Screening

Not all buyers at the Canton Fair will be relevant to your industry. After obtaining the exhibitor list, you need to conduct preliminary screening to identify companies in the same industry as yours.

When the industry or product information is not specified in the obtained exhibitor list, you can search for company names on the Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform, which will show you specific industry information about the companies. With this information, you can pinpoint your target customers.

2. Customer Profiling

Once you have preliminarily screened a batch of potential customers in the same industry as yours, you need to further profile these companies. The purchasing needs of buyers are not always apparent, so how do you determine if your products meet their purchasing requirements?

The Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform provides you with timely and accurate customer purchase records, allowing you to infer the purchasing needs of companies from trade records such as purchased products, purchase prices, purchase quantities, and their suppliers. This enables you to further profile and segment customers, targeting major clients.

3. Customer Development

For many foreign traders, customer development has always been a challenge. Customer information found on the internet often only includes public inquiry information or public email addresses. Contacting companies based solely on publicly available information may not be very effective.

Building on this foundation, the Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform provides contact information for real purchasing personnel, including not only contact details for various departments within the company but also executives' email addresses, social media, and more. This enables you to directly engage with executives, making customer development more efficient!

With the help of the Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform, you can make full use of the Canton Fair exhibitor list, easily connect with global buyers, and expand your business influence. Whether you're expanding market share or seeking new partners, the Tendata Global Customs Data Query Platform opens up new business opportunities for you.

How to Accurately Find Contacts Using Shipment Data

Step 1: Focus on Exploring Potential Customers

For example, if you are in the textile industry, you can simply enter the product keyword "textile" in the shipment data, allowing you to instantly access over 130 million real buyer information worldwide. By conducting detailed analysis of the importers' shipment data, filter out high-matching buyers suitable for your own products.

contact information,detailed contact information,contact info

Step 2: Review the Customer Analysis Report

Based on the detailed analysis report provided by the shipment data, analyze the trading situation and specific market distribution of the product, and adjust your own market strategy accordingly.

contact information,detailed contact information,contact info

Step 3: View Contact Information

After matching potential buyers in the second step, you can write development emails using the matched emails in the Tendata database!

The application of any development channel is not achieved overnight; it requires a scientific approach. Just like Alibaba International Station, some companies operate smoothly, while others may take several months to secure a deal. Similarly, shipment data requires patience and the exploration of a set of application strategies that are suitable for your own products.

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