Is Customs Data from a Few Years Ago Still Valuable?

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ten data blog26-04-2024

For different countries, customs data is typically updated on a relatively stable schedule, but sometimes the update timing may be influenced by the dynamic situations in each country.

Many foreign traders may find that the customs data they want to access for their target countries is only updated until a few years ago. Regardless of whether they inquire with domestic or foreign customs data providers, they can only see customs data from a few years ago, or they can only access customs statistics without specific information on suppliers and buyers. This situation often arises when the country only grants access to customs data from a few years ago (e.g., before 2021). Are such customs data still valuable?

Although the latest customs data usually better reflect current market trends and conditions, past customs data still hold some reference value. Even if only customs data up to 2021 are available, they can still provide useful information and insights, especially for long-term strategic planning, historical trend analysis, and market forecasting.

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Past customs data can be used for:

· Historical analysis: Analyzing customs data from past years can reveal development trends in different products, markets, and industries, helping companies formulate long-term development strategies and plans.

· Market forecasting: Past customs data can assist in predicting future market trends and patterns, providing references for companies to make more accurate decisions in new market environments.

· Competitive analysis: Comparing customs data from past years can help understand the competitive landscape and dynamics among different companies, products, and markets, aiding companies in formulating more effective competitive strategies.

· Reliability verification: Past data can be used to verify the reliability of current market environments and conditions, helping companies assess their current operational status and future development prospects.

For customer development, making good use of past customs data is crucial. If you haven't mastered the development methods, even the newest customs data may not be very helpful to you.

When a country only provides customs data from several years ago, Tendata offers you a second solution!

Tendata's "T-Discovery" not only provides trade data but also searches for suppliers and buyers in a specific country from the perspectives of business data and internet data. This allows you to find the latest trade dynamics of suppliers and buyers in that country from over 2 billion recent global trade records. Tendata's Business Discovery updates every three days, enabling you to access the latest customs data!

customs data,valuable customs data,tendata customs data

About Tendata

Tendata platform is different from the traditional B2B platform of passive waiting for customers: Tendata based on big data, can take the initiative to deeply analyze the customer background, accurately locate the purchasers with transaction records, and can greatly screen and locate the big customers. Tendata iTrader has 180 million global enterprise information, 10 billion data scrolling every day, can quickly and intelligently screen out 121 million executives, decision makers contact information, including email, phone, social media, etc., but also can synchronize the display of the company's yellow pages, product images and web site. At the same time, Tendata provides 17 visualization reports to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate and analyze the market, so that you can quickly find the precise buyers and suppliers you need. (>>>Check out the Tendata website for more details.

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