Using Foreign Trade Customer Acquisition Software to Develop Foreign Customers Without Attending Exhibitions

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Many foreign traders are aware that participating in exhibitions can help them develop overseas clients, but the cost of such client development is often too high. Some small-scale foreign trade enterprises lack the resources to participate in exhibitions. So, how can they develop overseas clients without attending exhibitions? There are still many methods to choose from, and the simplest method is to use foreign trade customer acquisition software to develop new overseas clients.

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Which foreign traders are suitable for using foreign trade customer acquisition software for overseas client development?

1. Newly established foreign trade companies with no existing client resources.

2. Foreign trade SOHOs who lack sufficient resources to participate in exhibitions and are suitable for actively developing clients on their own.

3. Established foreign trade companies that want to expand their market and accumulate more client leads.

Advantages of using foreign trade customer acquisition software for proactive development:

1. Priority access to clients compared to peers.

2. Screening out high-quality buyers.

3. Through client communication, timely understanding of market and client needs.

Here we share our developed foreign trade customer acquisition software—Tendata.

Tendata combines customs data with foreign trade customer acquisition to provide you with a comprehensive foreign trade customer acquisition solution, helping you from market analysis to client acquisition throughout the entire process.

What are the advantages of Tendata compared to other foreign trade customer acquisition software?

1. Tendata integrates customs data from 218 countries and regions worldwide, helping you access 90% of suppliers and buyers globally, enabling you to obtain as many potential overseas clients as possible.

customer acquisition,foreign trade customer acquisition,foreign trade customer acquisition software

2. Compared to other customs data providers with slow update speeds, Tendata updates customs data at least once every three days. Especially for US data, you can access trade records from the past three days.

customer acquisition,foreign trade customer acquisition,foreign trade customer acquisition software

3. Tendata provides exclusive customs data from countries such as Dominica, Venezuela, Kyrgyzstan, Burundi, Central Africa, Rwanda, Malawi, Congo (Kinshasa), Australia, etc. When you want to understand the import and export trade situation related to Africa, Tendata customs data can help you!

In the busy commercial environment, many customers on various platforms have long waiting times, while high-quality buyers who collaborate with peers and lucrative clients who have not been fully developed are often difficult to reach. However, the emergence of Tendata customs database solves these problems. As a powerful customer development tool, Tendata customs database can easily find these hard-to-reach clients with just a few simple clicks. Even without participating in exhibitions, users can continuously obtain clients and inquiries. This not only saves a lot of time and energy but also makes investments more precise and effective, giving you a competitive advantage when competing with peers.

Tendata customs database provides a new way for customer development, making users' time and money more valuable. If you are interested in developing high-quality overseas clients, please follow Tendata and get a free demo immediately.

The Importance of Developing Customers

Develop customers which is also the most commonly used function, through the search of product keywords, HS code to find interested high-quality customers; or according to the frequency of transactions, size, trading products and trading partners to screen the target customers; at the same time, combined with contact information, direct docking buyers.

Tendata T-discovery found 208 countries trade data + 198 countries and regions business data + 141 countries Internet data, three databases are fully connected, a search, no need to wait, the global target customers 0.01 seconds to present.(>>>> Click to apply for a free trial data)

1. Find buyers in your target market who are purchasing your products.

2. Monitor competitors, information collection and analysis of the competitive environment and competitive strategy.

3. Old customer maintenance, seamlessly and quickly observe the latest purchasing dynamics of each old customer at any time.

4. Accurately screen the quality of buyers and give the most accurate offer.

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