Overcoming Challenges in Import and Export Trade: Solutions for Foreign Trade Practitioners

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ten data blog25-06-2023

People engaged in the foreign trade industry often encounter these difficulties:

  1. Did you waste a lot of time dealing with invalid inquiries in the process of international import and export, and not finding accurate customers?

  2. In the process of international import and export, are you unable to determine the market growth point and don't know where the high value area is due to no data support?

  3. In the process of international import and export, do you have high procurement costs and small profits, but do not know how to reduce costs?

  4. In the process of international import and export, do you not understand the real purchasing needs of customers, and follow up half a day without a deal?

  5. In the process of international import and export, are you unable to find the direction to increase profit in time because you do not understand the global market trend of your products?

  6. Are you unable to maintain a stable supply chain because you lack effective supplier monitoring and management tools in the process of international import and export?

  7. Did you encounter customers who say that other companies are cheaper than you in the process of global import export, and use this as a way to pressure the price?

  8. Do you know how to differentiate between traders and manufacturers when sourcing in the global import export process?

  9. When you are just starting out in the import/export trade, what are the next areas you should focus on?

  10. Do you know why products sometimes sell well and sometimes don't sell well in the global import export process?

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Faced with these sales operations woes, purchasing management dilemmas, and analytical decision challenges, you need to find solutions to move your business forward. First, you must understand the following facts:

More leads searched ≠ more potential business opportunities

More inquiries ≠ more matching customers

More data ≠ more accurate and better customer acquisition

Good relationship with old customers ≠ high and stable renewal

Seeking advice from trade professionals, industry associations, or experienced exporters/importers can provide valuable insights and guidance to overcome specific challenges in your trade endeavors.

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