What Food Does the U.S. Import from Russia?

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The global trade in food products is a vital aspect of international commerce, connecting countries and satisfying consumer demands. In the context of trade between the United States and Russia, the import of food products holds significance. This article aims to explore the food items that the United States imports from Russia, shedding light on the bilateral trade relationship and the factors driving agricultural cooperation between the two countries. Next, let's take a look at what products you can start with if you want to import food from Russia to the U.S. with the data given by Tendata:

us import from russia,food import from russia,products import from russia

us import from russia,food import from russia,products import from russia

I. Sunflower Oil (HS Code: 2106909803):

Russia is renowned for its sunflower oil production, and the United States imports a significant amount of sunflower oil from Russia. Russian sunflower oil is valued for its high quality, neutral flavor, and versatile applications in cooking and food manufacturing. The import of Russian sunflower oil supports the U.S. food industry, providing a key ingredient for various products such as salad dressings, cooking oils, and snacks.

II. Preparations of Cereal and Flour (HS Code: 1901100000):

The United States imports preparations of cereal and flour from Russia to meet the demand for processed food products. These preparations can include breakfast cereals, bakery mixes, and other cereal-based products. Russian cereal and flour preparations contribute to the diverse range of food options available to American consumers, catering to their breakfast and baking preferences.

III. Machinery for Beverage Production (HS Code: 8471702000):

Russia manufactures and exports machinery used in beverage production, and the United States imports such equipment to support its beverage industry. This includes machinery for bottling, packaging, and processing various beverages. The import of Russian beverage production machinery helps the U.S. beverage industry enhance its manufacturing capabilities and meet the demands of American consumers for a wide range of beverages.

IV. Valves for Pipes (HS Code: 8481807399):

The import of valves for pipes from Russia highlights the collaboration between the two countries in the field of plumbing and fluid control systems. These valves are used in various industries, including food and beverage processing. Russian valves contribute to the efficiency and reliability of fluid handling systems in the United States, supporting the smooth operation of food production and processing facilities.

V. Refrigeration Equipment (HS Code: 8418690008):

Russia's expertise in manufacturing refrigeration equipment makes it a significant exporter of such products to the United States. Refrigeration equipment, including commercial freezers, coolers, and refrigeration units, is essential for storing and preserving perishable food items. The import of Russian refrigeration equipment supports the U.S. food industry by ensuring proper storage and maintaining the quality and freshness of food products.

VI. Parts for Valves (HS Code: 8481805100):

Russia's export of valve parts to the United States serves as an essential component in the maintenance and repair of fluid control systems. These parts include valves, fittings, and connectors that play a critical role in food processing and distribution. The import of Russian valve parts ensures the smooth operation of fluid control systems in the U.S. food industry, reducing downtime and ensuring food safety and quality.

VII. Stainless Steel Kitchenware (HS Code: 7326200009):

Russian stainless steel kitchenware, including pots, pans, and utensils, is imported by the United States. Russian kitchenware is known for its durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal. The import of Russian stainless steel kitchenware provides American consumers with a range of high-quality cooking utensils and enhances the kitchenware offerings in the U.S. market.

VIII. Electrical Transformers (HS Code: 8504403009):

Russia's export of electrical transformers contributes to the energy infrastructure in the United States. These transformers play a crucial role in the power distribution systems of food processing facilities and other industries. The import of Russian electrical transformers supports the reliable and efficient operation of the U.S. food industry, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for food production and processing.

IX. Aluminum Containers (HS Code: 7615108009):

Russian aluminum containers, including cans and containers for food packaging, are imported by the United States. Aluminum containers are widely used in the food industry for packaging various food products. The import of Russian aluminum containers provides the U.S. food industry with efficient and sustainable packaging solutions, ensuring the integrity and safety of food during transportation and storage.

X. Electrical Connectors (HS Code: 8537109100):

Russia's export of electrical connectors to the United States serves the electrical and electronic industry's needs. These connectors are essential components in electrical systems, including food processing machinery and equipment. The import of Russian electrical connectors supports the U.S. food industry by providing reliable and efficient electrical connections, ensuring the smooth operation of food processing facilities.


The import of food products from Russia to the United States encompasses a diverse range of items, including sunflower oil, cereal and flour preparations, machinery for beverage production, valves for pipes, refrigeration equipment, parts for valves, stainless steel kitchenware, electrical transformers, aluminum containers, and electrical connectors. These imports reflect the bilateral trade relationship between the two countries and contribute to the diversity and quality of food offerings in the United States. Understanding the import dynamics of food products between Russia and the United States provides insights into the global agricultural trade and the factors shaping international food markets.

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