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Tendata iTrader is the world's leading global trade data platform, empowering your business with the latest trade data intelligence from 2023. With China Import Data, you can trade smarter and grow your business faster and more efficiently.

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China Import Data

China Import Data is a kind of customs data, which provides more fields. Tendata iTrader provides you with buyer's company information, product information, logistic information and so on. For company information, you can know the specific names of buyers and sellers, company address, company details, etc. For product information, you can know the specific product description, its HS code, weight, quality, price, etc. of a single transaction; for logistics information, you can know the transportation time, port, container information, etc. of a single transaction.

With China Import Data, you can:

1. Competitor analysis: With China Import Data, you can understand the latest market dynamics, such as competitors' market share, cargo flow, geographic scope and trade trends.

2. Supply Chain Optimization: With China Import Data, you can unlock the insights hidden in trade flows, transportation routes and market trends. You can use this channel to minimize operational bottlenecks and shorten lead times.

3. Supplier Identification: China Import Data enables companies to identify partners by analyzing trade volumes, products, and countries and regions, using this data-driven approach to assess credibility, track record, and market share.

china import data,china imports data,best china import data

Specific references to China Import Data

From January 2023 through September 2023, China imported $1.89 Trillion worth of products according to China Import Data in Tendata iTrader.

According to China Import Data in Tendata iTrader, China's top 10 imported products in 2023 are:

1. machinery and transportation equipment (38%)

2. motors, instruments and appliances (21%)

3. fossil fuels, lubricants and related materials (17%), dominated by petroleum, petroleum products and related materials (13%) and natural gas, natural and manufactured products (3%)

4. inedible raw materials, except fuels (14%), such as metal ores and metal wastes (9%)

5. organic chemicals (3%), primary plastics (3%) leading to chemicals and related products (11%)

6. miscellaneous manufactured goods (7%), manufactured goods classified mainly by material (7%)

7. Road vehicles (4%)

8. food and live animals (4%)

9. telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing instruments and equipment (3%)

10. office equipment and automatic data processing machines (3%)

According to China Import Data in Tendata iTrader, China's main source countries for imports in 2023 are:

1. EU (13% of imports), including Germany (5%) and France (2%)

2. South Korea, Taiwan, Japan (8% each)

3. USA, Australia (6% each)

4. Brazil (4%)

5. Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia and Saudi Arabia (3% each)

6. Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia (2% each)

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