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Brazil is an export-oriented economy, dependent on the transportation of manufacturing (54% of total exports), mining (23%) and agricultural products (22%). The country's main exports are: soybeans and related soy products (17% of total exports); crude oil/bituminous minerals (13%), and iron ore (9%).

Brazil's main export partners are: China (27% of total exports), the United States (11%), Argentina (5%), the Netherlands (4%), Chile and Spain (3% each). Other countries include: Canada, Japan and Germany.

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Latest Brazilian Export Data

Explore opportunities in the Brazil market with Brazil Export Tradedata. Learn about Brazil's top exporters, exporters, total shipments, exporters and exporter listings from our Brazil Export Tradedata. Plan effective marketing strategies based on Brazil trade data from 2005-2023.

Double The Profitability Of Your Export Business With A Powerful Source Of Market Intelligence

Brazil Export Tradedata is a reliable market intelligence source for Brazil trade information. We collect detailed customs information on Brazilian exports from trusted sources so that we can provide you with a broader picture of Brazilian exports.

Search Brazil Export Tradedata In Real Time

Start searching Brazil export data for any categorized product in real time with just a few clicks. Enter an HS code or product description, then select export or export direction. Click the search button to get a sample of Brazil exports.

Instant Access To Shipment Records

With Tendata Brazil Export Data, you can quickly and easily discover new information about your trading partners and competitors. Follow, search and browse all the data fields listed above and more.

Analyze Your Competitors

Would you like to know where your competitors are sourcing their products from? Our shipping manifest database reveals suppliers, product volumes and industry trends for Brazil exporters, exporters and distribution companies.

Validate Your Suppliers

Exporting from overseas carries many risks. Your suppliers may be unreliable, dishonest, or even fabricate. Use Tendata Brazil Export Data to check the transaction history of your current and potential suppliers and avoid damage to your assets.

Find Out More

If you sell products or services to importers or exporters in Brazil, you can find more prospects by looking at companies that have exported similar products in the past. Check out your competitors' customers to get an idea of the opportunities you can target. You can even narrow down your search in each market to find new opportunities.

Finding new opportunities in the global trade market starts with Tendata Brazil Export Data. Our customer service staff is available 24/7. If you need tips and tricks, he's ready to lend a hand.

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