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ten data blog03-11-2023

China's imports up 2.22% to $221.30 billion in September vs. August.

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The latest Tendata iTrader data shows that China's top 10 imports for September 2023, based on 2-digit HS codes, were:

1.Mechanical & Electrical Products (22.03%, $85.82 Billion)

2.High-&-new-tech Products(16.26%, $63.37 Billion)

3.Fuels & Related Materials(11.2%, $43.65 Billion)

4.Integrated Circuit(8.32%, $32.41 Billion)

5.Crude Petroleum(7.4%, $28.83 Billion)

6.Agricultural Products(4.62%, $18.01 Billion)

7.Iron Ore & Concentrates(2.77%, $10.8 Billion)

8.Iron Ores & Concentrate(2.77%, $10.8 Billion)

9.Copper Ore & Concentrate(1.26%, $4.9 Billion)

10.Copper Ores & Concentrate(1.26%, $4.9 Billion)

When you need to understand the market in China, you can search Tendata's China Import Databases using either the product name or the 2-digit HS code to access market trends across the industry. With these China Import Databases, you can quickly analyze the market. Below is a sample of the search for you (data as of October 2023):

china import database,china import,china imports

The latest Tendata iTrader data shows that China's main import partners are:

1. the European Union (14.89%, 34.69 Billion)

2. Taiwan (7.99%, 18.61 Billion)

3. South Korea (6.60%, 15.37 Billion)

4. Japan (6.12%, 14.25 Billion)

5. USA (5.51%, 12.83 Billion)

6. Australia (5.25%, 12.23 Billion)

7. Russia (4.95%, 11.53 Billion)

8. Brazil (4.85%, 11.3 Billion)

9. Malaysia (4.18%, 9.72 Billion)

10. Vietnam (4.07%, 9.47 Billion)

When you want to find out if Chinese importers tend to work with exporters from your country, you can look in Tendata's China Import Database by country name. Don't forget to select the timeframe to get the latest import and export data.

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