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Austria imports $232.4 billion worth of products from the world in 2022, up 5.7% from $219.8 billion in 2021.

Where Austria's Import Products come from?

The latest country-specific data shows that Austria's main imports are supplied by suppliers from Germany (38.2% of Austria's total), Italy (6%), the Czech Republic (4.95%), the Netherlands (4.88%), Switzerland (4.7%), Mainland China (4.1%), Poland (3.2%), Hungary (2.5%), Slovakia (2.4%), Belgium (2.4%) and the United States (2.5%), Belgium (2.25%), France (2.17%) and United States of America (2.1%).

Austria's Top 10 Most Imported Commodities

1. Fossil fuels including oil: US$27.3 billion (11.8% of total imports)

2. Machinery including computers: $27.1 billion (11.7%)

3. Electrical machinery and equipment: $26 billion (11.2%)

4. Vehicles: $19.4 billion (8.4%)

5. Pharmaceuticals: $10.1 billion (4.4%)

6. Plastics, plastic products: $9.7 billion (4.2%)

7. Gems, precious metals: $8.2 billion (3.5%)

8. Iron and steel products: $7.1 billion (3%)

9. Iron and steel: $7.0 billion (3%)

10. Organic chemicals: $5.9 billion (2.5%)

Austria's top ten imports exceeded three-fifths (63.7%) of the total value of its purchases from other countries.

Among the top 10 import categories, fossil fuels, including oil, are the fastest growing in value, increasing by 65.6% from 2021 to 2022. This product category is driven by increased spending on Austria's imports of electricity and refined petroleum. The second largest expansion of Austria's import purchases is in the gemstones and precious metals category (up 20.6%), followed by Austria's imports of steel and iron in metals (up 10.2%).


Austria shipped USD 211.7 billion worth of goods globally in 2022. This amount represents a 4.3% year-on-year increase from the 203 billion dollars in 2021.

Austria's main partners for purchasing Austrian exports

The latest country-specific data show that the main purchases of Austrian exports were made by importers in Germany (29.2% of the Austrian total), Italy (6.6%), the USA (6.4%), Switzerland (5.2%), France (3.9%), Poland (3.85%), Hungary (3.85%), Slovakia (3.83%), the Czech Republic ( 3.6%), Mainland China (2.6%), the UK ( 2.5%) and Slovenia (2.4%).

Austria's Top 10 Exports

1. Machinery including computers: $33.9 billion (16.8% of total exports)

2. Electrical machinery and equipment: $21.5 billion (10.7%)

3. Vehicles: US$18.8 billion (9.3%)

4. Pharmaceuticals: $14.4 billion (7.1%)

5. Plastics, plastic products: $9.9 billion (4.9%)

6. Steel: $8.5 billion (4.2%)

7. Wood: $7.5 billion (3.7%)

8. Iron and steel products: $6.8 billion (3.4%)

9. Optical, technical, medical equipment: $5.6 billion (2.8%)

10. Paper, paper products: $5.3 billion (2.6%)

Austria's top ten exports account for almost two-thirds (65.1%) of the total value of its global exports.

Fossil fuels, including oil, are the fastest-growing of Austria's top 10 export categories, increasing by 53.2% from 2021 to 2022. The second highest improvement in export sales was in paper, where paper products grew by 16.9%. Austrian shipments of steel and metal grew third fastest, with a 14.6% increase in value.

The worst decline among Austria's top ten export categories was wood, down -10% year-on-year.

From a more granular four-digit HTS code perspective, Austria's most valuable export is automobiles (3.7% of Austria's exports by value). In second place were blood components, including antisera (3.2%), dosage-mixing drugs (2.9%), telephone equipment including smartphones (2.3%), electrical energy (2.2%), parts or accessories of automobiles (also 2.2%), non-alcoholic beverages, excl. water, fruit juices, and milk (1.7%), piston engines (1.3%), and mountings or fittings of base metals (1.2%), and then unwrought gold (also 1.2%).

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