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The global handicrafts market was valued at approximately $752.2 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to $1296.6 billion in 2028, at a CAGR of 9.1%.

North America is the most demanded region in the global handicrafts market, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

China is an important producer and exporter of handicrafts globally, which are colorful, lively, interesting and inexpensive, and are popular in the international market.The success of Temu's sea voyage in 2023 underscores the global popularity of inexpensive and abundant handicrafts.

-Chinese handicrafts, such as women's accessories, home decorations, blocks, mortise and tenon and willow, etc. These products embody traditional Chinese culture and skills, and are also relatively inexpensive, which are popular among foreign users.

-Bamboo crafts from Southeast Asia, such as baskets, plates, vases, etc. These products are natural, environmentally friendly, beautiful, suitable for home furnishings or gifts, favored by Europe and the United States and other regions.

-European ceramic handicrafts, such as cups, bowls, plates, etc. These products have a delicate, elegant, noble style, reflecting European art and culture, suitable for collection or tableware use, sought after by Asia and other regions.

The growing demand for handmade decorative accessories for homes, offices, and restaurants, as well as the growing demand from the gift industry is driving the market growth. The industry is economically viable with low capital investment, high value addition and high export potential.

The top 10 global exporters of handicrafts this year as of November 2023 are:

1.India (87.48%, $8347.44 Million)

2.Vietnam (6.38%, $609.13 Million)

3. Philippines (4.46%, $425.6 Million)

4. Bangladesh (0.6%, $56.81 Million)

5. Pakistan (0.55%, $52.1 Million)

6. Mexico (0.24%, $23.01 Million)

7. Ecuador (0.2%, $18.63 Million)

8. Armenia (0.03%, $2.45 Million)

9. Russia (0.02%, $2.14 Million)

10.Sri Lanka (0.02%, $1.43 Million)

handicraft exporter,handicraft exports,handicraft exporter market

As of November 2023, when you search the Tendata Import/Export database using "Handicraft" as the product name, you can learn that in 2023 there were 3,370 companies exporting "Handicraft" products. There are 3,370 companies exporting "Handicraft" products in 2023, of which the top 10 companies are:


2.C L GUPTA EXPORTS LIMITED (6.6%, $629.5 Million)

3.VIVEK HANDICRAFTS (4.55%, $434.46 Million)

4.Công Ty TNHH Vàng Bạc - Đá Quý Phú Quý (3.68%, $350.81 Million)


6.STALWART HOME STYLES (3.1%, $295.8 Million)

7.VALLABH METAL INC (1.73%, $165.21 Million)

8.DURU'S INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (1.14%, $108.62 Million)

9.SHAKTI INDIA (0.94%, $89.62 Million)

10.DILEEP CRAFTS PRIVATE LIMITED (0.78%, $74.11 Million)

handicraft exporter,handicraft exports,handicraft exporter market

If you want to know more specific products, such as Christmas candles, Christmas handmade ornaments, knitted bags, scarves, etc., you can change the query name in Tendata Import/Export Database or use the specific HS code to get the specific name, detailed information, etc. of thousands and tens of thousands of companies around the world.

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