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As of November 2023, global country export sales of paper totaled $172.3 billion. in 2022, global sales of all paper exported by all countries totaled $210.9 billion. from 2021 to 2022, total paper exports increased by 12.8% compared to $187.0 billion in 2021. in 2023, they are projected to still be on the rise.

The top five paper exporting countries are mainland China, Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. in 2023, there are 111 countries involved in the export of paper products, involving 2.03 million trades.

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Countries across the globe export a wide range of paper products, some of the popular paper products include:

1. Paper and cardboard: Including various types of printing paper, writing paper, packaging paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and so on.

2. Paper bags and cartons: Paper bags and cartons used for packaging and transportation of goods are common worldwide.

3. Tissues and tissue paper: Tissue paper products such as toilet paper, facial tissue, napkins, etc. are major products in the global consumer goods market.

4. Paper products for hygiene: including diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.

5. Paper packaging materials: such as boxes, paper packaging materials, cardboard boxes, etc., used for packaging food, electronic products, daily necessities, etc..

6. Cardboard and color printing products: high-quality cardboard and color printing products used for making business cards, advertising materials, book covers, etc.

7. Paper office supplies: including notebooks, folders, sticky notes, office paper, etc..

8. Pulp and paper raw materials: wood pulp, waste paper and other raw materials for the manufacture of paper, they are also important products in global trade.

The 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) code for paper and cardboard has a prefix of 48. This includes items made from pulp, paper and cardboard, such as boxes.

There are 29,899 exporters of paper products globally, of which the top 10 global exporters are:

1.ADIOMATIC ID SYSTEMS LLP (30.96%, $533562.06 Million)

2.TDK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (24.22%, $417496.03 Million)

3.GOPSONS PRINTERS PRIVATE LIMITED (4.06%, $69937.08 Million)

4.DETPAK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (3.56%, $61347.08 Million)

5.ITC LIMITED (3.27%, $56445.12 Million)

6.groz beckert asia private limited (2.05%, $35381.49 Million)

7.PACKING SOLUTIONS INDIA (2.04%, $35093.82 Million)

8.THE JUMBLE WORDS (1.66%, $28569.93 Million)

9.BRISTOL INDIA (1.48%, $25541.17 Million)

10.Chi Nhánh Tổng Công Ty Liksin - Xí Nghiệp In Bao Bì Giấy Liksin (1.38%, $23760.79 Million)

paper exporters,paper manufacturers,paper suppliers

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