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The origins of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia in 1000 AD. It is thought that Arab traders brought it to North Africa and from there it spread to Asia and Europe. Coffee's spectacular rise as a commercial commodity began with large-scale plantations in Latin America in the late 18th century. By the 19th century, Brazil held more than 70 percent of the world market. Though no longer as dominant, Brazil remains the world's leading coffee producer today.

As boutique, fair trade, organic and even "bird-friendly" coffees have gained importance, new consumption patterns have emerged. Coffee bar chains are expanding rapidly, although the relative coffee content of the final consumer "experience" at these stores is extremely low. Coffee bar chains sell not only "good" coffee, but also ambience and social positioning. Coffee chains around the world have experienced a "latte revolution", where consumers can choose from hundreds of combinations of coffee varieties, origins, brewing and grinding methods, flavors, packaging, and atmospheres. Retail coffee prices continue to rise, and roasters are realizing higher profit margins, while farmers are receiving prices below the cost of production.

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Largest Exporter of Global Coffee Trade

Nearly 84% of global coffee bean exports come from 10 countries.

All of these countries are located in the "bean belt" between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where coffee grows best. These top coffee producers include Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.

Top Coffee Exporters in 2023 (by country) as of December 1, 2023

1. Vietnam (13.92%, $8733.18 Million)

2. Brazil (13.14%, $8239.57 Million)

3. Indonesia (11.31%, $7093.46 Million)

4. China (5.99%, $3757.38 Million)

5. Italy (5.18%, $3251.74 Million)

6. Germany (4.74%, $2971.75 Million)

7. Colombia (3.57%, $2236.3 Million)

8. India (3.07%, $1922.8 Million)

9. Poland (2.6%, $1631.8 Million)

10. Switzerland (2.54%, $1591.85 Million)

Across the Pacific, Vietnam and Brazil together account for 27.06% of global coffee bean exports in 2023. Other major exporters include Indonesia and China, which together account for 17.3% of global coffee bean exports, as well as the European countries of Italy and Germany combined at 9.92%.

According to Tendata's Vietnam Coffee Buyers and Manufacturers Directory, Vietnam has 2,049 active coffee importers this year and 3,596 buyers and importers with specific import and export data for the last three years.

This year, Công Ty Cổ Phần Tập Đoàn Intimex holds the largest import market share in Vietnam at 7.56%, followed by CôNG TY TNHH VĩNH HIệP at 5.65%, and CôNG TY TNHH NESTLé VIệT NAM in third place with 5.53%.

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These facts, updated to November 24, 2023, are based on Tendata's Vietnam Coffee Buyers and Manufacturers Directory, which is derived from import export shipment data from 91 countries/territories, and includes buyers, supplier names, sellers, manufacturers, and top decision makers' contact information (such as phone numbers, emails, and SNS contacts like LinkedIn).

How Shanghai Tendata Empowers Growth with Foreign Trade Big Data?

Tendata iTrader is a versatile foreign trade application tool and a great asset for professionals in the international trade industry.

(1) Real-time Access to Comprehensive Global Data: Tendata iTrader offers real-time access to customs data from 91 countries, customs code inquiries, and an extensive collection of foreign trade supply chain data, import-export statistics, and international company data. Companies can freely select the foreign trade databases corresponding to their trade regions and use nine different search methods to tailor their data queries based on single or multiple criteria. The search results can generate 19 types of market reports, and users can perform online comparative analyses as well. (>>> Click to use The Data Online for Free)

(2) Detailed Transaction Records from 91 Countries: Tendata's data system automatically integrates millions of accurate buyer information, detailed transaction data from 91 countries, and competitor details. It intelligently generates various data analysis reports, empowering companies to analyze competitors, maintain relationships with new and existing customers, and stay up-to-date with real-time international trade information. How is Shanghai Tendata performing?(>>> Click for Free Demo)

(3) Internet Search of Email Addresses in 153 Countries: With Tendata's proprietary web crawling technology, companies can access and validate email addresses in 153 countries, making mass email campaigns worry-free. Potential customers are automatically categorized by level, allowing users to find decision-makers within a minute. Choose from various email templates with unlimited sending capabilities. Tendata's data effectiveness is quite impressive. (>>> Click for More Details)

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