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By logging into the Tendata system and selecting Tendata iTrader, we can see the latest Uzbekistan Exporters Customs Data for the last year ending November 2023 !

Uzbekistan's top 5 exports are (based on 4-digit HS codes):

· 7108 (26.0%, $4.11 billion):Gold

· 5205 (9.09%, $1.39 million):Cotton yarn (other than sewing thread)

· 2711 (6.05%, $925 million):Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons

· 7403 (3.80%, $581 million):Refined copper and copper alloys, unwrought

· 7408 (1.96%, $300 million):Copper wire

Based on the top 5 exports of Uzbekistan, Tendata will provide you with some examples.

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According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Uzbekistan Exporters Customs Data for HS code 5205 are:

1.СП ООО "FERGHANA SPINNING",(21.68%, $182104.5 Million)

2.ООО "MADANIYAT TEKSTIL"(20.87%, $175298.75 Million)

3.OOO "QADIR TEXTILE CLASTER"(13.12%, $110225.73 Million)

4.ООО "Qorako'l Kumush Kalava"(10.41%, $87442.78 Million)

5.ООО "Bunyodkor"(6.42%, $53894.17 Million)

6.СП ООО"SKORTON TEKSTIL"(5.27%, $44250.03 Million)

7.СП OOO ZAMON TEKS CLUSTER(4.45%, $37374.79 Million)

8.ООО SULTON TEX GROUP(2.76%, $23202.48 Million)

9.СП OOO Global Textile Infinity(2.76%, $23173.33 Million)

10.СП ООО "SAXOVAT TEXS"(2.5%, $21012.18 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Uzbekistan Exporters Customs Data for HS code 2711 are:

1.Туркмения(82.6%, $26698.88 Million)

2.АО "UzGasTrade"(8.56%, $2768.57 Million)

3.ООО "Газпром Экспорт"(4.1%, $1326.57 Million)

4.ГК Туркменгаз(2.26%, $729 Million)

5.ГК "Туркменгаз" 744036,(1.74%, $562.5 Million)

6.Республика Узбекистан(0.44%, $141.87 Million)

7."LUKOIL Overseas Supply and Trading Ltd."(0.15%, $48.59 Million)

8.OOO ?AVANGARD OIL TRANS TRADE?(0.11%, $36.22 Million)

9.OOO "SAFI NOOR"(0.01%, $3.62 Million)

10.ООО "MIGATUN"(0.01%, $2.99 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 5 Uzbekistan Exporters Customs Data for HS code 7403 are:

1.АО "Алмалыкский ГМК" Узбекистан(88.89%, $3811.2 Million)

2.ООО ?CRAFT AND ART?(3.19%, $136.8 Million)

3.ООО "BEYKAB GMBH"(2.37%, $101.56 Million)

4.АО ИИ "Узбекский завод по заготовке и переработке лома, отходов цветных металлов"(2.2%, $94.25 Million)

5.ООО "BEYKAB ABB"(1.58%, $67.62 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Uzbekistan Exporters Customs Data for HS code 7408 are:

1.СП АО "Uzkabel"(33.55%, $1301.2 Million)

2.СП ООО "PROCAB"(25.64%, $994.64 Million)

3.СП АО "Андижанкабель"(10.81%, $419.17 Million)

4.ООО "ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL"(6.98%, $270.8 Million)


6.ООО ?METSOL?(5.97%, $231.45 Million)

7.СП ООО "ARTIKUL AZIYA KABEL"(4.55%, $176.6 Million)

8.ООО "KABEL TECH ENERGY"(3.02%, $117.01 Million)

9.ООО METSOL(1.29%, $49.85 Million)

10.АО "Трест-12"(0.7%, $27.12 Million)

Tendata iTrader provides additional information about these companies. This information includes:

1. Specific details about the company, including basic information (company name, official website, geographical location, operational details, company identification code, etc.), business information, shareholder information, financial information, trademark information, company relationships, and supply chain details.

2. Company contacts, including executive names, positions, corporate email addresses, SNS contact information, etc.

3. Import and export analysis: You can obtain different analytical insights based on time periods, company products, company HS codes, etc. You can see the trade quantity during a specific time period, specific suppliers, recent export dates, export trade trends, HS code analysis, supplier analysis, target market analysis, port of shipment, destination port, and more.

Here is an example scenario of company information:

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