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Logging into the Tendata system and selecting Tendata iTrader, we can see the latest Rwanda Exporters for the last year ending October 2023 !

Rwanda's top 5 exports are (based on the 4-digit HS code):

· 7108 (27.0%, $555 million):Gold (including gold plated with platinum) unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form

· 2710 (9.79%, $197 million):Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals, not crude; preparations n.e.c. containing by weight 70% or more of petroleum oils or oils from bituminous minerals; these being the basic constituents of the preparations; waste oils

· 0902 (5.01%, $101 million):Tea, whether or not flavoured

· 0901 (4.75%, $96 million):Coffee, whether or not roasted or decaffeinated; coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion

· 2617 (3.35%, $67 million):Ores and concentrates; n.e.s. in heading no. 2601

Based on Rwanda's top 5 exports for the last year, Tendata will provide you with some examples.

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According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Rwanda Exporters for HS code 7108 are:

1.MUKASHAKA SHOP(20.03%, $13.98 Million)

2.KAGAME ZEBEDE(10.53%, $7.35 Million)

3.RWFEMA LTD(9.81%, $6.85 Million)

4.MASAMBA ALOYS(9.77%, $6.82 Million)

5.ABAKARI(9.64%, $6.73 Million)

6.LOMAX(9.18%, $6.41 Million)

7.MUTETERI LARSON(9%, $6.28 Million)

8.MANYANGA KOKO(3.11%, $2.17 Million)

9.ROMEO & CO LTD(2.25%, $1.57 Million)

10.KABAGENZI SELEMAN(1.96%, $1.37 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Rwanda Exporters for HS code 2710 are:

1.MEREZ PETROLEUM(43.51%, $137.84 Million)

2.DELTA PETROLEUM RWFANDA(13.45%, $42.62 Million)

3.KAMATARI JAPHET(7.55%, $23.93 Million)

4.NJUGU JEAN(3.02%, $9.56 Million)

5.GATETE KAREBE(2.98%, $9.46 Million)

6.MASAMBA ALOYS(2.72%, $8.63 Million)

7.MUTETERI LARSON(2.72%, $8.62 Million)

8.KAGAME JEANINE(2.63%, $8.32 Million)

9.KABARE SIMEON(2.43%, $7.71 Million)

10.KAGAME JANVIER(1.39%, $4.4 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Rwanda Exporters for HS code 0902 are:

1.MUTETERI LARSON(8.44%, $3.16 Million)

2.MUKASHAKA SHOP(7.45%, $2.79 Million)

3.MARU INVESTMENTS(6.82%, $2.56 Million)

4.GEBUGA LTD(4.32%, $1.62 Million)

5.MAGAMBO ELIAS(3.75%, $1.41 Million)

6.RWFEMA LTD(3.57%, $1.34 Million)

7.GATARE COMPANY(3.48%, $1.3 Million)

8.BEATRICE TRADING(3.47%, $1.3 Million)

9.BRALIRWFA(3.45%, $1.29 Million)

10.LOMAX(3.34%, $1.25 Million)

According to the 4-digit HS code, the top 10 Rwanda Exporters for HS code 0901 are:

1.RWFEMA LTD(8.23%, $17.51 Million)

2.LOMAX(4.89%, $10.42 Million)

3.ABKP LTD(4.74%, $10.09 Million)

4.KARORETWA GLORIA(4.55%, $9.69 Million)

5.IMBUTO(4.4%, $9.38 Million)

6.GEBUGA LTD(4.33%, $9.22 Million)

7.SMART LTD(4.22%, $8.99 Million)

8.KINDAL LTD(3.92%, $8.34 Million)

9.MUTETERI LARSON(3.84%, $8.17 Million)

10.MAGAMBO ELIAS(3.43%, $7.3 Million)

Tendata iTrader provides additional information about these companies. This information includes:

1. Specific details about the company, including basic information (company name, official website, geographical location, operational details, company identification code, etc.), business information, shareholder information, financial information, trademark information, company relationships, and supply chain details.

2. Company contacts, including executive names, positions, corporate email addresses, SNS contact information, etc.

3. Import and export analysis: You can obtain different analytical insights based on time periods, company products, company HS codes, etc. You can see the trade quantity during a specific time period, specific suppliers, recent export dates, export trade trends, HS code analysis, supplier analysis, target market analysis, port of shipment, destination port, and more.

Here is an example scenario of company information:

rwanda's top 5 exports,rwanda exports,rwanda exporters

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