What Are the Main Food Exports from Argentina in 2023?

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Argentina is a country renowned for its unusual thriftiness and abundant resources. Known for its rich agricultural products, Argentina stands as one of the world's largest exporters of various food items. The country's diverse climate and fertile soil make it an ideal place for cultivating a variety of crops. Argentina is widely recognized as one of the world's leading food-exporting nations, establishing a solid foundation in meeting global food demands with its abundant agricultural resources and favorable climate.

In terms of food exports, Argentina offers a range of products from soybeans to wheat and meat, catering to international demands. According to the latest data, Argentina exported approximately 38 million tons of food in 2022 alone. The soybean production in 2023 was around 16.2 million hectares, producing 38 million tons, marking a 12% decrease from the previous year. Soybean yield covered 7.1 million hectares, reducing by 14% compared to the previous quarter. These figures highlight Argentina's significant impact on the global food supply chain.

· Total agricultural export value in Argentina for 2023: $5.69 billion

· Contribution of agricultural exports to Argentina's GDP in 2023: 6.45%

· Major export destinations for Argentina in 2023: United States, China, Brazil, and EU countries

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What Are the Main Food Exports from Argentina in 2023?

In recent years, Argentina has been expanding its food export sector, leveraging its abundant treasury and high-quality yields. Let's look at the top ten food exports from Argentina in 2023 based on the latest export data:

1. Corn ($630 million) (28.42%):Argentina is one of the world's largest producers of corn, with vast farmlands and a suitable climate contributing to successful cultivation for global exports.

2. Oilcakes and solid residues ($290 million) (13.09%)Argentina's oilcake industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, producing high-quality oilcakes and solid residues for export.

3. Frozen boneless meat ($111 million) (5.01%)Argentina is a major sponsor and exporter of frozen meat products, including various varieties of high-quality boneless frozen animal meat.

4. Soybeans ($108 million) (4.89%)Soybeans constitute a significant portion of Argentina's agricultural exports, making the country the third-largest soybean producer globally.

5. Soybean oil ($89.56 million) (4.04%)Argentina is recognized as one of the world's largest exporters of soybean oil, producing high-quality oil supported by abundant natural vegetation, rich oil resources, and soybean agriculture.

6. Fresh or chilled boneless beef ($67.98 million) (3.06%)Argentina is renowned for its high-quality fresh beef, being one of the largest exporters of fresh beef. The country's fertile grasslands provide ideal conditions for successful cattle farming.

7. Peanuts ($63.21 million) (2.85%) Argentina's peanut production has seen significant growth, becoming one of the country's major agricultural exports. The favorable climate and extensive farmlands contribute to the successful cultivation of peanuts.

8. Barley ($63.20 million) (2.85%) Argentina is a significant exporter of barley, with barley being a major crop. The country's favorable climate and fertile soil provide optimal conditions for the growth of high-quality barley, ensuring its supply in local and international markets.

9. Grape wines made from fresh grapes ($60.78 million) (2.74%) Argentina is renowned for its wine production, particularly Malbec. The country's favorable climate and diverse terrain create ideal conditions for grape cultivation, producing world-class wines exported globally.

10. Wheat and meslin ($54.61 million) (2.46%) Wheat is a major crop in Argentina and one of the country's primary grain exports. Fertile soil and a favorable climate nurture the growth of high-quality wheat and meslin, meeting domestic and international demands.

When Entering the Argentine Market, How Can You Confirm Which Argentine Food Imports Are More Profitable?

Utilizing Argentina's export data allows you to conduct a quick market analysis!

1. Market size and growth rate: Evaluate the sales scale and growth trends of your products in the Argentine market by examining trade records and trend reports in Argentina's export data.

2. Market share: Analyze the total market import-export volume and compare your company's product import-export volume, determining market share through destination country summaries and percentage analyses in Argentina's export data.

3. Price trends: Observe price fluctuations and trends by examining the value of goods in trade records within Argentina's export data, assessing the reasonability of your market positioning and pricing strategy.

4. Competitive analysis: Analyze suppliers in Argentina's export data, compare data on similar products from competitors, and assess your relative position and performance in the market. Adjust your sales and pricing strategies accordingly.

By leveraging Argentina's export data, you can gain valuable insights into market dynamics, make informed decisions, and strategically position your products in the Argentine market for maximum profitability.

argentina's export data,argentina export data,export data

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