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Tendata customs data reveals that Australia, rich in natural resources, is a major exporter of commodities. Metal ores and scrap metals account for 29% of the total exports; coal, coke, and coal balls constitute 15%; and natural gas makes up 7%. The country also exports food and live animals (14%), mainly meat (5%) and cereals (4%); manufactured goods (6%), primarily non-ferrous metals (4%); and machinery and transport equipment (6%). Australia's largest export markets are China (32% of total exports), Japan (16%), South Korea (7%), the United States (5%), India (4%), New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan (each at 3%).

Top 10 Exported Goods from Australia in 2023

According to Tendata's Australia export data, the top 10 exported goods and their percentages of total exports are:

1. Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products (34.98%, $129.17 Billion)

2. Ores, slag, and ash (28.07%, $103.64 Billion)

3. Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins (5.43%, $20.06 Billion)

4. Cereals (3.48%, $12.86 Billion)

5. Salt, sulfur, earth, stone, plaster, lime, and cement (3.47%, $12.82 Billion)

6. Meat and edible meat offal (3.19%, $11.79 Billion)

7. Commodities not specified according to kind (1.96%, $7.25 Billion)

8. Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope (1.7%, $6.26 Billion)

9. Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers (1.43%, $5.28 Billion)

10. Oilseed, oleaginous fruits, grain, seed, fruits (1.21%, $4.46 Billion)

According to Tendata's Australia export data, the top 10 export partners for Australia in 2023 are:

1. China (44.49%, $212.42 Billion)

2. Netherlands (15.36%, $73.34 Billion)

3. Germany (6.62%, $31.59 Billion)

4. Turkey (6.05%, $28.89 Million)

5. Belarus (2.62%, $12.49 Million)

6. United Kingdom (2.46%, $11.75 Million)

7. Italy (2.26%, $10.78 Million)

8. Kazakhstan (1.92%, $9.17 Million)

9. United States (1.82%, $8.67 Million)

10. South Korea (1.56%, $7.43 Million)

Visit Australia's export data to gain in-depth insights into Australia's export partners.

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Get Comprehensive Australia Export Data in Minutes

Use Tendata's Australia export data to find more opportunities and grow your business. You can effectively use readily available information to discover new buyers, suppliers, and their transaction prices, allowing you to formulate better trading strategies.

Quickly identify the supply chain information of potential customers, including suppliers and buyers. You can also further obtain information on each of their orders, including prices and specific traded products.

Through powerful visual trade data, importers and exporters can quickly grasp information about potential customers and competing companies, adjust their market strategies, and reduce the risk of failed transactions.

What Does Australia's Export Customs Data Cover?

When you search for Australia's export data, we provide you with information such as exporter, weight, quality, price, trade frequency, export share in Australia's category, business ups and downs, and more. You can filter the columns you want to see through advanced filters. Use Australia's customs data to find export companies and discover hidden business opportunities.

Optimize the results of Australia's export data by using filters such as product description, customs code, country of origin, destination country, brand, exporter name, exporter code, exporter address, trade country, shipping country, producer name, manifest number, net weight in kilograms, quantity, transaction method, payer name, etc. Use Australia's customs data to find and evaluate whether Australian exporters are potential customers for your business.

How is Tendata's Australia Export Data?

Import and export companies need detailed customs data to analyze visual trends, identify market opportunities, track competitors, and understand supply chain potential. Tendata's trade data platform collects and packages this information as business intelligence. Get high-quality, professional Australia export data online and get 24-hour support from Tendata's industry professionals and data-driven insights for your business.

Data Sources for Tendata Solutions

1. Trade Data: Tendata provides over 10 billion pieces of trade data covering 218 countries and regions, accumulating over 2 billion trade transaction details. Precisely analyze the distribution of target import and export countries globally and show the environment of the target country market in detail.

2. Business Data: Tendata's business data covers 198 countries, business databases in 230+ sub-industries, and in-depth data on 2.1 billion+ companies. Covering the operating status, financial information, peer competitors, executives, and other aspects

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