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Brazil, a prominent player in the global trade arena, imports a diverse range of products, shaping its economic landscape and meeting the needs of its industries. Here, we explore Brazil's import data, providing insights into key categories, top trading partners, and the latest trends in the country's import market.

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1. Overview of Brazil's Imports:

Brazil's import landscape is dominated by manufactured goods, constituting 89% of the total imports. These include machinery, fuels and lubricants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as components and parts for motor vehicles and tractors. The country also imports raw materials (11%), primarily crude oil, coal, natural gas, and wheat. Key import partners include China (22%), the United States (19%), Argentina and Germany (each 5%), as well as Canada, Japan, Chile, and Mexico (each 2%).

2. Tendata iTrader Data for 2023: Top 10 Imports with HS Codes:

The latest Tendata iTrader data reveals the top 10 import products for Brazil in 2023 based on two HS codes:

1. Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products (15.42%, $38.98 Billion)

2. Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers (14.23%, $35.97 Billion)

3. Electrical, electronic equipment (11.78%, $29.76 Billion)

4. Vehicles other than railway, tramway (7.66%, $19.35 Billion)

5. Fertilizers (6.33%, $16.01 Billion)

6. Organic chemicals (5.55%, $14.02 Billion)

7. Pharmaceutical products (4.45%, $11.24 Billion)

8. Plastics (3.85%, $9.74 Billion)

9. Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus (3.05%, $7.7 Billion)

10. Miscellaneous chemical products (2.89%, $7.31 Billion)

For a comprehensive market analysis of Brazil, Tendata's Brazil Imports Data allows users to search by product name or HS code, providing insights into market trends across entire industries.

brazil imports data,imports data,brazil imports

3. Top Import Partners According to Tendata iTrader Data:

The recent Tendata iTrader data highlights Brazil's major import partners in 2023:

1. China (22.37%, $55.98 Billion)

2. United States (16.06%, $40.19 Billion)

3. Germany (5.44%, $13.62 Billion)

4. Argentina (4.96%, $12.42 Billion)

5. Russia (4.45%, $11.13 Billion)

6. India (2.87%, $7.18 Billion)

7. Italy (2.43%, $6.09 Billion)

8. Mexico (2.31%, $5.78 Billion)

9. France (2.27%, $5.68 Billion)

10. Japan (2.16%, $5.4 Billion)

For businesses seeking to understand whether Brazilian importers are inclined to collaborate with exporters from their respective countries, Tendata's Brazil Imports Data allows searches by country name. Users can select a time range to access the latest import-export data.

brazil imports data,imports data,brazil imports

4. Leveraging Customs Data and Market Intelligence with Tendata:

Tendata's Brazil trade data covers companies, products, and detailed customs information, offering valuable insights for various industries. From importers to logistics companies, this data enhances the value of every business involved in Brazil's import sector.

Why Brazil Imports Data Matters:

According to Brazil Imports Data, importers can:

1. Quickly find suppliers in the Brazilian market.

2. Understand market conditions and trade dynamics in Brazil.

3. Stay informed about competitors' activities and surpass them.

4. Implement data-driven, real-time updates in marketing strategies.

5. Set long-term business goals and increase company revenue.

Why Choose Tendata's Brazil Imports Data:

Tendata integrates trade data from 218 countries and regions, business data from 198 countries, and internet data from 172 countries. With one-click searches, it presents information on approximately 130 million globally active buyers and suppliers. These customers have genuine purchasing records and intentions, saving valuable time for businesses.

If you are a marketer or trader eager to import cost-effective products into Brazil, contact us immediately to access customs data from 218 countries/regions. Visit our website at or send an email to for more information.

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