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In 2023, Germany imported products worth $1.463 trillion from around the world, marking an 18.3% increase from $1.236 trillion in 2019.

Germany's top five imported commodities in 2023, by value, included automobiles, automobile parts or accessories, crude oil, blood components including antisera, followed by processed petroleum. Collectively, these five major import commodities accounted for 16.3% of Germany's total import expenditure in 2023.

From a continental perspective, nearly two-thirds (62.1%) of Germany's total imports in 2023 were purchased from other European countries. Trade partners in Asia supplied 25.4% of Germany's import purchases, while an additional 8.3% of goods originated from North America.

A smaller proportion of customers came from Africa (2.4%), Latin America (1.4%) (excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean region), followed by Oceania led by Australia (0.5%).

Vehicles ranked third in Germany's import value in 2023, totaling $157.9 billion, accounting for 10.8% of all imports into Germany. 

What Automobile-Related Products Did Germany Import?

1. Automobiles: $78.1 billion (up 14.5% from 2022)

2. Automobile parts/accessories: $46.8 billion (up 17.9%)

3. Trucks: $9.9 billion (up 23.9%)

4. Tractors: $5 billion (up 54.2%)

5. Motorcycle parts: $3.3 billion (down -26%)

6. Motorcycles: $3.2 billion (up 0.1%)

7. Trailers: $3 billion (down -9.7%)

8. Public transport vehicles: $1.3 billion (up 48.1%)

9. Bicycles/other non-motorized bicycles: $1.1 billion (down -8.4%)

10. Special purpose vehicles: $556.8 million (down -9.1%)

From 2022 to 2023, Germany saw the fastest growth in purchases of tractors (up 54.2%), public transport vehicles (up 48.1%), and trucks (up 23.9%).

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What Does German Import Data Include?

German trade data is a type of detailed customs data covering detailed information on customs shipments from various enterprises located in Germany, including importer/exporter company names, product HS codes, product descriptions, quantities, values, countries of origin/destination, transport types, ports, and other information.

German import data uses Tendata's powerful AI system to analyze data through data pivoting and stratification, presenting it to you in charts, tables, etc. Whether you are looking for information on German importers, exporters, specific products imported into Germany, or any other content, you can find data from the past year on Tendata

How to Query German Import Data?

Please log in to the Tendata system and click on the T-iTrader or T-Discovery function module. You can find companies related to German trade in the past year by company name, product name, product HS code, etc. When you further filter, such as clicking on importers, you can see all German importers who have traded externally in the past year. Tendata provides multiple filtering options. On the advanced search filter, you can enter 15 filtering information such as the company name of the importer/exporter, product name, or country of origin within the selected time period.

You can use German import data to analyze market trends, find high-quality buyers and suppliers, monitor the trade activities of competitors and understand supply chain potential. Discover the full business potential of current customers, gain feasible insights into your products, and get the latest developments in important trades from Germany to various parts of the world to expand the German market.

How Is Tendata's German Import Data?

Import and export companies need detailed customs data to analyze visual trends, identify market opportunities, track competitors, and understand supply chain potential. Tendata's trade data platform collects and packages this information as business intelligence. Get high-quality, professional German import data online, and get support from Tendata's industry professionals 24 hours a day, enabling your business with data-driven insights.

Data Sources for Tendata Solutions

1. Trade data: Tendata provides 10 billion+ trade data, covering 218 countries and regions, accumulating 20+ billion detailed trade transaction details, accurately analyzing the distribution of target import and export countries globally, and detailing the market environment of target countries.

2. Business data: Tendata's business data covers 198 countries, business databases of 230+ segmented industries, 2.1 billion+ deep enterprise data, covering operational status, financial information, peer competitors, executives, etc. The data is refined, facilitating a comprehensive assessment of the true strength of target customers and expanding potential customer groups.

3. Cloud search data: Tendata's cloud search data covers 172 countries, 700 million+ enterprise contact information, including basic information such as company name, official website link, product pictures, contact persons, etc., as well as integrates information from LinkedIn, social platforms, etc., helping foreign trade companies to comprehensively understand customers and markets. In addition, real-time updated data can allow companies to keep abreast of market changes and respond quickly.

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